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Have V-1 Visa and Can I get Multiple entry visa

Discussion in 'Temporary Visas for Canada' started by damodar_gd, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. damodar_gd

    damodar_gd New Member

    I have a canada V-1 visa ( Single entry Visa) and valid till March. Recently I visited canada by car and at the port of Entry ( Sarnia ), they checked my visa and striked off with a blue line on the visa.
    As per the information from "cic.gc.ca", a single -entry visa which is issued in USA can be used multiple times to visit Canada till the visa expired.

    Now Can I visit canada with the same Visa ?
    If I cannot visit canada with the same visa then Can I apply for Multiple entry Visa ?

    Can I get a visiting visa at the port of Entry ( Sarnia)?

    Can some one help me...

  2. bigboy00

    bigboy00 Registered Users (C)

    -- You have answered this question when you wrote the info you got on the cic.gc.ca site.

    -- If you feel the need, you can apply for the multiple entry.

    -- Depends on your country of citizenship. If u r an Indian citizen, the answer is "No".
  3. damodar_gd

    damodar_gd New Member

    Thanks. I am an Indian. So I cannot get the visa at the port of entry.

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