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Hardship waiver help needed

Discussion in 'J-1 Home Residency Requirement' started by Veronica08, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Veronica08

    Veronica08 New Member

    Hello, everyone!
    I came to the U.S. a couple years ago on J1 visa through a foreign exchange student program that was sponsored by U.S. government.
    Then I went back to my homecountry for summer after school ended and, at the end of summer, reentered U.S. on f1 student visa. Soon I got married.
    It took almost 10 months to get all the paperwork apporoved as my husband petitioned but the i-485 is still on hold.
    I was told by adjudications officer to apply for a waiver through uscis of my 2-year HRR. This is extremly important for me to get as it would b heartbreaking for me and my hubby to get separated.
    I'm thinking of applying based on an extreme hardship. Since my husband is in the U.S. military, he is a part of government now, and it's in their interest to keep him here(otherwise he would go with me as he is feared of separation).
    Next, we are trying to have a baby but after numerous tries, fail. This is realy heartbreaking. I am a part of community by having a job, going to college and involved in church activities.
    My question is would all these facts be enough to convince INS based on a hardship waiver. I am contributing to this country more that i would back home. What would you recommend?
    Besides, my waiver application is due feb. 15 (thats only 30 days to get everything together which is not enough)to uscis and i made an appointment to see them so i can hopefully get an extension of this due date. Has anyone been in the similar position before?
    Please help, whether you had the same situation, are a lawyer or just know what to do.
    Thank you all so very much!
  2. samymajed

    samymajed New Member

    hello veronica,

    I have a friend from GAZA (can you imagine something more dangerous than Gaza), he has american child too (he is few months old), it took him 29 months to get his hardship waiver, but he was on the Fulbright program, which is notorious for waivers. I hope you're not on a Fulbright grant.

    sorry if this makes you feel bad, but I just wanted to let you plan it very well, hardship waivers are not that easy
  3. godisgoodtome

    godisgoodtome Registered Users (C)

    Do not do hardship waivers. wait on your I-485. Your husband is in the millitary, you will be approved. keep checking on that.

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