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H1B visa to B1/B2

Discussion in 'H Visa - Links to Important Info.' started by htob, May 22, 2011.

  1. htob

    htob New Member

    Hello Every body.

    I am on H1B visa currently for a training and is expiring in july. My next job starts October 1st. My questions is:

    1)Is it possible for me to have COS to B1/B2 visitors visa. I already have a valid visitors visa.

    2)How long does it take for the COS to get approved or to get a reply?

    3)What are the doc. reqd> I539 or something else also?

    4)Since I need coverage with B1/B2 only from July 1 to Oct 1, do you recommend that I stay here and wait for COS approval or go back and come back before OCT1? ..lets say if approval takes long?

    5)HOw long can I stay after my H1 has expired? say if my COS has not been approved.

    6)does my applying for COS have any -ve outcome for next H1 filling which I hope to start on Oct 1st?

    Thankx everyone for your prompt reply..!!

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