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H1 Visa stamping experience- Canada

Discussion in 'H Visa Issues at the Consulates and Visa Revalidat' started by arsraj87, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. arsraj87

    arsraj87 Registered Users (C)

    Toronto H1 Stamping

    Please share any experience in Toronto US Consulate for
    H1B & H4 Revalidation.

    I have had my first H1B stamped from Toronto back in 2001.

  2. immiadvice

    immiadvice Registered Users (C)

    successful H1 stamping in Ottawa

    Hello Folks;
    I successfully got my H1 (& H4 stamp) in Ottawa on March 8.
    This was my third H1 stamp (second for the same employer)
    It went very smooth...hardly 5 min interview...
    Please note that bar coded DS156 is a must...i had filed my online but for my wife I had to fill in the consulate...for they did not accepted hand-filled form...there were 4 people ahead of me waiting for the computer...so it took 1 hour before I was able to pay the fees...after paying the fess in about 10 min I was called to submit the documents...the lady was very couteous and documents asked were:
    H1/H4 approvals
    DS156 & DS157 forms
    finger printing (both for myself & my wife)
    status in Canada ( I had landed 2 days before)
    submitted all my papers...after that in about 8 min I was called for the interview....the officer was very cool and had god sense of humour.....following questions....

    1. where do you work?
    2. what does the company do?
    3. how long you have been working?
    4. employer letter
    5. pay stub

    got the passport back at 3 pm. there were about 3 other Indians who also got their visa issued.
    There were about 5 other people (I am not sure for what visa) but were from Pakistan and were submitted for security clearance and asked to come back in 3 weeks...

    Thank you very much to all who helped me out...this is very useful forum...I will be more than haapy to answer any questions....
  3. gretzky

    gretzky Registered Users (C)

    immiadvice, thanks for sharing your experience.

    I will be traveling to Vancouver at the end of this month to get my first H1B visa stamp. However, I have not seen the "fingerprint" requirement, that you mention below, in any documentation. Could you please elaborate what this "fingerprinting for you and your wife" is about?

  4. vahope4gc

    vahope4gc Registered Users (C)


    Congratulation for successful stamping!!!

    I am also thiking to go to Ottawa but hesitate as I have my all education from India and heard they might because of that and send me back to India for stamping.

    Could you please tell me if had any education from US? Also can I contact you via your personal email or phone. If yes then please send me email at howie_ind@yahoo.com

    Thanks in advance
  5. usnycus

    usnycus Registered Users (C)


    Don't worry about fingerprinting. US consulate will do that within consulate if/when they grant you a visa. Just go there with all the papers/documents listed at "http://www.amcits.com/"
  6. usnycus

    usnycus Registered Users (C)

  7. jaxen2

    jaxen2 Registered Users (C)

    H1 Visa stamping experience- Canada some experiences- merged from the posts of immiadvice and usnycus. thanks.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 11, 2004
  8. immiadvice

    immiadvice Registered Users (C)

    for gretzky;
    I have been aware of finger printing for atleast last 2 months...but its a simple procedure...inkless finger printin of middle finger of both the hands...for even the officer at the time of interview confirmed we did finger printing at the time of document submission...

    for vahope4gc....
    I have MS for US..hinestly I dont have idea/experience about visa stamping for eduction from India....but in my opinion..so long as you have BE or ME and work in the same field as your degree it should not be a problem...yeah but if you are trying to establish equivalency criteria then you have to be careful....
  9. jaxen

    jaxen Volunteer Moderator

    Non US degree will be categorically refused H1B stamp in toronto (unless it is a F1 to h1). Some canadian consulates have been known in the past to reject degrees that do not sound obviously relevant to the position. For a Non US degree holder (without prior H1 stamp) going to canada is a risk. Mexico is a better choice.
  10. vahope4gc

    vahope4gc Registered Users (C)

    jaxen ,

    Do you think with previous H1B(expired) in passport and apply for extension in ottawa will be risky? I have masters degree and working on h1b for last 4 years.

    Thanks in advance
  11. sselva69

    sselva69 Registered Users (C)


    If you have atleast one H1 stamp on the passport from the home country, then it should not be an issue.

    Best of luck!!
  12. dr1

    dr1 Registered Users (C)

    H1B visa in toronto - urgent please

    Folks , please advise.
    I first came on B1-F1-H1, obtained my first H visa from Mexico in 2001 (was easy) and got a revalidation through washington D.C till 2003. I have a US degree (residency) and am currently working. My H1B status is valid till 2006 but my H1B stamp expired in 2003.
    I need to go to India next month, is it risky to go to Canada ?? what will happen if my visa gets denied in canada ? I have an appointment shortly in toronto. will appreciate early responses.
  13. chimi

    chimi Registered Users (C)

    I just made an appointment for getting my H1 stamped in Ottawa and in the appointment letter it says, they are no longer returning the passports the same day. It may take 3 min days to get the stamped passport back.

    Is this really true? I mean, immiadvice got his back the same day, right?

    Does anyone have any ideas about this?

  14. pdiddy75

    pdiddy75 Registered Users (C)

    Planning to re-validate H1B in Ottawa

    Hi everyone:

    I would appreciate a response to this question. I am currently on an H1B visa in the US and it expired in December. I am planning to make a trip to Canada in April to renew the visa. I am working with the same employer and it is just a standard renewal. I already have an old H1B visa stamp in my passport. I also got my new I-797 and all other documentation that I will need to do this renewal.

    My questions are as follows:
    1. How safe is it to go to Canada and get this renewal done? I am not a permanent resident of Canada - I am an Indian citizen with H1B visa.
    2. How long would it take to get this renewal?

    I would appreciate any responses. Thanks!!
  15. dimple2001

    dimple2001 Registered Users (C)

    It should not be a major issue since you already have a prior visa history on your passport.

    You will need an appointment at the US consulate and you will need a visitor visa to enter Canada. You can obtain the Canadian visitor visa by mail or person. Applying in person takes few hours at the Canadian consulate.

    The US visa renewal normally is claimed to take 3 working days, however, they seem to complete the process in 2 working days.
  16. arsraj87

    arsraj87 Registered Users (C)


    I just got H1B & H4 revalidated in Toronto on March 12th, only
    thing she asked me is the employment letter and then told me to collect the passports next day btw 3 - 4 PM

    there were few guys for H1B none of them had any problems

  17. LabCheck75

    LabCheck75 Registered Users (C)

    Hi, Saw all the messages floating around. I think i just have one basic question. In case if they do not approve the visa stamping in Canada, can we come back to USA and send it again to Washington. I mean if for some reason the Stamping doesnt happen in CANADA, are we allowed to come back to US though we do not have a valid visa stamped on the passport?

    I am in a fix situation. My Canada Immigration decision has been made. But i just have 3 weeks for sending the passport to them and then visiting canada once they stamp the canada GC on my passport. However my US H1 extension is still in process. I still have to hear from them. So not sure how can i tackle the situation.
    If i had time i would have sent to Washington DC for h1 visa stamping for no risk.

    Thank You for all the response.
  18. gretzky

    gretzky Registered Users (C)

    H1B stamping in Vancouver - 03/29/04

    1. Appointment made through nvars.com – for 0800hrs on 03/29/04
    2. 0715hrs - arrived at the Consulate – first in line, 15 people arrived within 10 minutes after me
    3. 0755hrs - Consulate official (with a big chip on his shoulder) checked for the appointment letter and CASH for the application outside the Consulate
    4. 0805hrs – 2nd floor – submitted:
    a. DS-156 and DS-157
    b. I-797
    c. Company Letter
    d. Passport
    e. Application Fee
    Given a ticket and asked to go to the 20th floor

    5. 0810hrs – 20th floor – security check (stern guard who couldn’t speak proper English)
    6. 0830hrs – interview lasted less than 10 minutes; asked the following questions:
    a. What company do you work for?
    b. What does the company do?
    c. What do you do for them?
    d. Where did you study in the US?

    a. Despite the fact that I carried a whole bunch of documents, during the interview, I was asked to show only my marriage certificate at which the interviewer took only a cursory look.
    b. Did the fingerprinting.
    c. Then asked to pay the reciprocity fee around the corner on the same floor
    7. 0840hrs – paid the reciprocity fee
    8. 0915hrs – passport returned with visa

    Total time taken (including waiting time) – 2hrs.
  19. buntyhaz

    buntyhaz New Member

    Me and my wife are planning to go to Montreal or Otawwa for our visa revalidation begining of june. when I called up the consulate person, I was told that it takes 3 business days + the interview day earliest to get the visa.

    Is that true? Can anyone please tell me the approx timings in each of the consulates so I can get the visa appointment. 3 days leave would be an impossible for me vacation wise...

    thanks in advance

  20. amitkoh

    amitkoh Registered Users (C)

    Be warned

    Even if you are not from SR countries and your profession does not come under TAL, there is a chance that a background check, not visa condor or visa mantis, would be ordered e.g. common name etc. In that case you are stuck in Canada till that clears. It can take 72 hrs to 30 days. 98% cases get resolved in 30 days. Rest 2% take 3-4 months. I have had 4 US Visa stamps, US education and I am from India. Now I am stuck in Ottawa waiting for background clearance.

    If you are from SR countries or work under TAL don't even think about going to Canada.

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