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  1. raman kumar

    raman kumar New Member

    Hello Everyone!
    My name is Raman and I've been a silent follower of this forum since quite sometime.
    However I'm in the need of some advice and opening up my question.
    In april my wife had to resign and I filed an I539 with the help of my employer (employer A) to get her status from H1 to H4 at that time and it was approved in july until may 2019.

    Last month I changed my employer (B) and they again filed an I 539 for my wife.

    Now the questions I had are:
    1) H4 is exclusive to my wife. So was it really needed to get another I539 filed by employer B?
    2) Now that its filed and is in progress, what would be needed to be done in case she gets an employer (since she had an H1, she is cap exempted and an employer can change her status back to H1) before the H4 is approved.

    Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. raman kumar

    raman kumar New Member

    Anyone please

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