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Greencard for remote workers(Working from home)

Discussion in 'PERM' started by konquistador, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. konquistador

    konquistador New Member

    Hi, i have a approved PERM application in CT and now in the process of applying for I-140. Due to family reasons i am planning to move to Iowa. My employer(manager at work) allows me to sign up for Remote Worker Program and lets me working from home in Iowa. But here are my questions

    a) H1B Question: My employer has to file for an amendment of H1-B and that should take care of H1.

    b) PERM/140 Question: During my PERM application employer had posted all the Job-Ads, Prevailing wage, Work location as CT. Now if i move to Iowa should i do it all over again in Iowa?
    should i continue my I-140 as is in CT and after its approved, tell USCIS that i moved to Iowa. Does it make any difference?

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