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Green card for Medical Technician

Discussion in 'Medical Professionals - OTHER than Physicians or P' started by rama2004, Aug 24, 2004.

  1. rama2004

    rama2004 New Member


    I am a Microbiology Technician - working in a Medical laboratory on H1-B visa for last two years in US. Now my Employers wants to start Green card processing.
    I have a three year Bsc(MicroBiology) Degree from Indian University , 3 yrs experiance in India before joining current job. In current US company I have above two years experience in same company as Microbiology technician.

    Some(Lawyers) say I need to do additional studies , some say not needed to get GC.

    What are my options before filing for Labour (starting green card processing).

    I would appreciate any of your advise and suggestions. Also which category I would need to apply for ? Is any one (contact info) who passed thro similar situation ?

    Thanks in Advance.

  2. hadron

    hadron Registered Users (C)

    > Now my Employers wants to start Green card processing.

    Better hurry up. I think Ohio is not particularly fast in the processing of labor certifications.

    > Some(Lawyers) say I need to do additional studies , some say not
    > needed to get GC.

    If you managed to get an H1b, you will have the educational requirements for a green-card.

    > Also which category I would need to apply for ?

    Find a good attorney, it makes all the difference. A crappy one can really mess up your life.

    If your employer files for you as 'medical technician' you would probably be in the EB-3 category (skilled worker).
    There are two problems with filing as 'medical technician'. The official requirements are only 2 years of associates degree. There will be many people who qualify for this job and it might be hard to get a RIR labor certification. The other problem is the 'visa screen' process. In order to work in such an occupation you will need some certification from a professional organization (you might already have a visa screen if you are on H1b).

    With your credentials, your employer might be able to file for you as 'lab supervisor' in the EB-2 category. Then he could require a 2 year degree +3 years experience as lab-tech. (he can't require any of the time you spent with him) This would allow you to use your foreign experience to reduce the applicant pool. He also could put in there that you have to be experienced with various instruments possess certifications for various procedures.

    By the way: The fastest way to get your green-card is by beeing a shepherder in Montana. No education necessary.
  3. Pravin Patel

    Pravin Patel Registered Users (C)

  4. Pravin Patel

    Pravin Patel Registered Users (C)

    Information getting GC on basis of Medical Technologist

    Dear Rama,
    I am Medical Technologist having H1B Visa from last six years in US. I am working with one Referance Lab. who support me to get H1B.Visa. I am also working in Children Memorial Hospital,Chicago as Med.Tech. To support application for GC, first of all you have to give TOEFL for English as a second Language having score of 350/650 in computer base test or pencil writen test 250/550(I am not sure about score-please check with TOEFL) and you have to pass any ASCP exam before to file for labour certification. These are must toward filing otherwise application may be rejected. Don't west your money. First of all evoluate your degree with World Educational Inc.,New York, suppling your testimonials from back home Universities whichever you have. With these Degree evoluation report and your back home experinece certificates and US experience certificates apply for MT(med.tech) as geenral having BS degree in US and at least two years experience in US Hospital or Company. You can apply for and C(Chemistry), H(hematology), M(Microbiology) etc. having one year experience. It is must to pass these two
    exam and than apply for Labour certification. After passing Labour certification you have to apply for GC. For this why don't you contect any best layer, he can guide for this. The filing fees for GC is roughly $ 4500-$5500. Here I am not sure aboute when you work with any industrial company. But when you work with any hospital, these are the requirments.
    Without help of layer your file may be delyed. You have to find out best layer for this. You can contect Layer Piston,Michael: michael@piston.net
    Youi can cotect me on ppatel4061@hotmail.com

    Pravin Patel
  5. Rodante Balatba

    Rodante Balatba New Member


    Rama, are you still working as microbiologist technician? can you help me find a job as medical technologist or Microbiologist technician too?
  6. Rodante Balatba

    Rodante Balatba New Member

    Dear Mr. Patel,

    I am a Medical Technologist here in the Philippines seeking for a job in Chicago. I am AMT License, IELTS passer and with Visa Screen on the process... Can you help me? pls...

    Thank you very much.
  7. Elaina Walker

    Elaina Walker Registered Users (C)

    Hi Mr. Patel

    Medical lab technician can get jobs in varying fields. You can try in local hospitals. They always have a demand for medical lab tech. Other sectors where you can get good opportunities are in offices of physicians and in medical and diagnostic laboratories. There is a small chance in educational services and in all other ambulatory healthcare services. If you want to know more about the job opportunities and career advancement details about medical lab techs the please go through the following site. http://medicallabtechnicianschool.org/medical-lab-tech-careers-and-jobs/

    Hope the above information would help you in getting a good job in Chicago.
    Good Luck!!!
  8. david78888

    david78888 New Member

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