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Got EAD only for ONE Year.

Discussion in 'Employment Authorizations (EAD) and Advance Parole' started by tchennakesh, May 7, 2011.

  1. tchennakesh

    tchennakesh Registered Users (C)

    Dear Friends,

    I got EAD renewal, finally on the 90th day, that is one good news. But the bad news is, I got it only for ONE year.

    Can anyone suggest, if anyone in the same boat.

    1. Do I have to contact USCIS in this regard, why I got only for one year?

    2. Just apply for another EAD next year :( and again wait nervously for 90 days, to get the EAD approval. I got to admit that, I had very rough and tension phase until my EAD got approved.
  2. jk0274

    jk0274 Registered Users (C)

    What is your priority date and country of chargeability? If you are not expected to be retrogressed for too long, then USCIS will only issue a 1-year EAD. This is their standard practice. 2-year EADs are only issued to applicants who are expected to be retrogressed for a long time.

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