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G325A for parents questions

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by livelife, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. livelife

    livelife Registered Users (C)

    I am filing a I485/I130 as usc for my my parent, and i couldnt find any information that suggests that G325/G325A is also required for parents. Can anyone please tell me if i also need to submit G325A with I130 for parent?

  2. jessicapotter

    jessicapotter Registered Users (C)

    As per the instructions given by the USCIS, G325A should be filed for all applicants who are between 14-79years of age while submitting a I-485. So your parent need to submit a G-325A when they file in their I-485.
  3. livelife

    livelife Registered Users (C)

    Thanks Jessica,
    I found this info at the bottom of the I 130 form instructions:
    -Did you answer each question on the form i 130 pertiion?
    -did you sign and date the petition?
    -did you enclose the correct filing fee for each petion?
    -did you submit the proof of you us citizenship......
    -did you submit other required supporting evidence?

    IF you are filing for your husband/wife , did you include:
    -His or her photographs?
    -Your completed form G-325A?
    -His or her form G-325A?

    As per this instruction it doesnt sound like G-325A for parents?
    Can you please let me know in which instruction i can see that information that you mentioned above. I am still not finding it.
  4. livelife

    livelife Registered Users (C)

    anyone please? could you clearify above instruction about G325A?thanks

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