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Full middle name vs. initial in N400

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by DreamUSA, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. DreamUSA

    DreamUSA Registered Users (C)

    Folks, i am sure many of you dealt with this.

    I rarely use my middle name...generally use initial...Green Card also only used initial.

    Should i go with initial for N400 1st entry : CURRENT LEGAL NAME to make it consistent with Green Card
  2. WBH

    WBH Registered Users (C)

    I don't know. But if you do that you can also write your full name
    into "other names you have used" so you don't hide anything
  3. König

    König Registered Users (C)

    Look at the machine-readable zone at the bottom of your GC. Does it have your full middle name? If it does, then write it in full on N-400 because that is how it appears in the USCIS database.
  4. spiderman03

    spiderman03 Registered Users (C)

    On the bottom of the GC, it will show middle name even though it might show middle initial on the top. So, I put middle name on the N-400 application because whatever we put on the application is going to show on the citizenship certificate.
  5. ginnu

    ginnu Registered Users (C)

    Part 1
    A) write your full name:
    Last name:
    Given name:
    Full middle name:
    B) write same as on your Card
  6. DreamUSA

    DreamUSA Registered Users (C)

    You guys great...thanks a lot ..

    Minor nuance just to clarify:

    In face of green card, it only uses Middle Initial ...while machine readble side used full middle name.

    When it says in 2, write as appears in your green card....so we ignore machine readable part use initial version right ?
  7. Auscal

    Auscal Registered Users (C)

    My green card only had my initial, but I put my fullname on the N-400 application. At the interview, the IO noticed the "discrepancy", and completed some additional paperwork to update their records (she actually said it was a name change, but I heard no more about it afterward) and my certificate was produced with my full middle name.
  8. DreamUSA

    DreamUSA Registered Users (C)

    Auscal, did you put full middle name in both section 1 and 2 ?

    2 asks to put as it exactly appears in GC....which is middle name name initial ?
  9. Jackolantern

    Jackolantern Registered Users (C)

    If you have a middle name on your birth certificate, you're supposed to write your full middle name in the question where it asks for your current legal name (unless you've removed the middle name with a legal name change process).

    Then in the question where it asks for your name as displayed on the green card, you write exactly what is on the green card, whether the green card has the full middle name, middle initial, or nothing for the middle.
  10. ginnu

    ginnu Registered Users (C)

    Here is info from Mannual that is used by officer at the time of Interview:

    4) Name on Permanent Resident Card

    (A) General . In most instances, the Permanent Resident Card shows the applicant’s correct, legal name. There are certain rare instances where the card may not reflect the correct legal name. For example, if the applicant has a three-part Asian name, the Permanent Resident Card may have the first and middle names reversed. You should look at the documents supporting the immigrant visa or the refugee application and supporting documents and discuss this with the applicant. Placing the names in the correct order is not a legal name change and does not require court authorization. If the case will not be granted or if there is a substantial amount of time between the examination and the oath ceremony, the applicant could apply for a replacement card with the corrected name.

    The name on the card in most cases will be the legal name at the time the applicant became a lawful permanent resident. Check that the name on the application is the same. If not, you must ask the applicant about the difference. In some cases, the applicant will have changed names legally, for example by marriage. You must ask the applicant to document the name change. In other cases, the Permanent Resident Card may not show the correct name; you must make this determination based on the documents in the fi le and any documents (including passport and birth certificate) that the applicant presents at the examination. If the legal name is not the same as the name on the Permanent Resident Card, make sure the application and the certificate preparation sheet show the legal name. Also, be sure that the naturalization case management system has the applicant’s legal name. If the applicant has changed his/her name pursuant to common law practice, then be sure to keep copies in the file of all documentation showing the name recognized under common law. When you accept the validity of a common law name change, USCIS should be updated to show the new name as being the subject’s name, and the previous name should be shown as an alias. This action must be completed prior to the oath ceremony being closed. If you have a question about the common law governing the place where the applicant claims the common law name change occurred, see your supervisor or district counsel. Also see the discussion on names in Part One of the N-400 application, located in Chapter 74.2(a) .
  11. Jackolantern

    Jackolantern Registered Users (C)

    The N-400 instructions say:
  12. DreamUSA

    DreamUSA Registered Users (C)

    That is all, fine and understood. The dilema is that our green cards do not show full middle name and it just shows initial (I am not talking about machine readable part). Should we then put just initial in section 2 of N400 as instructed in the application
  13. ginnu

    ginnu Registered Users (C)

    Part 1
    B: you should write what is on your card.
  14. König

    König Registered Users (C)

    My GC had a middle name initial on top but full middle name in the machine-readable zone, so I decided to go with the latter on N-400. Never had any problems because of this. If you are paranoid about the phrase "exactly as it appears on GC", then no matter what you put, you will always doubt whether you've made a right choice. My point is that both initial and full middle name appear on the GC, the only difference is that initial appears only on the GC for simplicity whilst the USCIS database contains the full middle name. Go with the full name.
  15. DreamUSA

    DreamUSA Registered Users (C)

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