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Format for Sworn affidavit attesting to relationship and marriage

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by bhartiya_12, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. bhartiya_12

    bhartiya_12 Registered Users (C)

    Is there an acceptable template or format for getting sworn affidavits by U.S. citizen, friends or family attesting to relationship and marriage ?

  2. sharky77uk

    sharky77uk Registered Users (C)


    I need to do this as well. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. I am sure someone in this forum has done this affidavit. Plus does this affidavit need to be notorized.
  3. sharky77uk

    sharky77uk Registered Users (C)

    I also found this looking through the forums so I may just use this. I cant post urls so I am posting the content

    The affidavit letter do not have to be notarized but I think it is best to do it. I will sent my I-751 in 2 week.
    Here something may help you.
    Things you need to include on the affidavit:
    • Person's full name, address and perhaps telephone.
    • Their relation to you (friend, co-worker, neighbor, relative, etc)
    • Length of knowing you (you-guys)
    • How often seen/visited
    • Perhaps, last occasion of visit.
    • Perhaps a brief personal statement (whatever that may be, depends on the person).

    I, __________, residing at _______________________________________,

    Being duly sworn depose and say,

    1. That I was born on _____________ at ______________.

    2. That I am ____ years of age and have resided in the U.S. since _______.

    3. That this affidavit is being submitted on behalf of the following persons:
    ____________________ & __________________

    4. That this affidavit is being made by me for the purpose of assuring the U.S. government that the persons named in item 3 have a true and loving relationship that was entered in "good faith," and is not for the purpose of circumventing immigration laws.

    5. That I acquired my knowledge of the relationship between the persons named in item 3 in the following manner:
    __________________________________________________ ________
    __________________________________________________ ________
    __________________________________________________ ________
    __________________________________________________ ________
    __________________________________________________ ________
    __________________________________________________ ________
    __________________________________________________ ________


    I swear (affirm) that the contents of this affidavit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

    Signature of person making this affidavit: _______________________________

    I am doing my application by myself.

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