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Form N-565.. questions.. HELP! PLEASE!

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by adan_8816, May 25, 2011.

  1. adan_8816

    adan_8816 Registered Users (C)


    I was born in Torreon Mexico, my mom is a U.S. citizen born and raised... she was visiting an ill family member and had me over there... She did all my papers and whatever legal stuff she had to do in El Paso, Tx.. We moved alot over the years and my original naturalization papers were lost.. It never really had an impact on me as a child, and then I joined the Marine Corp straight out of high school, and they just made a couple of phone calls and obtained one for me. I'm now out, and have tried contacting them, they "dont have it" nor care to try to help me out to get one seeing as how its alot easier for them to obtain one than it is myself. I was stationed in California, and that is where I got my first drivers license.. I am now like I said out of the military and living back in Dallas where I was mostly raised, and am unable to get my license because I have to present my naturalization papers to them before I can get it changed to a TX D.L. I've had several immigration appointments and have filled out my N-565 There is one question on there that I don't have the answer to, neither does my mother..

    Where it states: My last certificate or Declaration of Intention was Issued to me by:

    then it asks for the USCIS office name or court, the date and named which the document was issued..

    I seriously need help with this, immigration officers are referring me to lawyers and I don't understand why.. They say they do not have that information, that all they have is my alien number.. This is really making a huge impact on my life and career opportunities.. does anyone have any advice at all???? Please..


  2. GiveMeaBreak99

    GiveMeaBreak99 Registered Users (C)

    If your mom was a citizen, at the time of your birth, you would be automatically a US citizen. You wouldn't have been naturalized, hence you wouldn't have any paper work filed at the INS/USCIS. You mom would have filed at most probably at some other govt agency, where you register births. Thats what I would think. You might want to google, and see what info you find out there.
  3. BigJoe5

    BigJoe5 Registered Users (C)

    Are you sure you were ever actually issued an Certificate? Did YOU ever actually see one? If you were born abroad your mother could have gotten a Report of Birth Abroad of a US Citizen (FS-240) from the Consulate rather than a Certificate of Citizenship from INS (which is now USCIS for Certificate purposes). You may be wasting your money applying for a replacement for something you never had.

    An InfoPass appt to request a search for any record of you in INS/USCIS databases (right there on the spot) by your name, date and country of birth is a good first step. If they cannot find you that way, a FOIA Request form G-639 to USCIS is the next step and a simultaneous FOIA request to the State Department is also called for.

  4. adan_8816

    adan_8816 Registered Users (C)

    The only time I ever actually saw the certificate was whenever the millitary had it in front of me, other than that no.

    My mom said she registered me in El Paso, Tx... however I do have an alien registration which doesn't make sense.. I'm so frustrated nobody can give me any answers of help, and my mom has "NONE" of my paperwork, and does not really have any real answers......... I've had 2 appointments with infopass, and the first one I just got my registration date, and my alien #, they say they do not have the other information.. and i'm not sure how to get it.. I have no green card, no naturalization papers nothing.
  5. Bobsmyth

    Bobsmyth Volunteer Moderator

    Is your mom still alive? If so, does she not remember what papers she filed at the time?
  6. adan_8816

    adan_8816 Registered Users (C)

    yes she is still alive, but I can never get any straight answers I don't really know that everything was done accordingly........ I don't know what to do.. nobody can give me any answers, I can't afford a lawyer, etc..................
  7. adan_8816

    adan_8816 Registered Users (C)

  8. Jackolantern

    Jackolantern Registered Users (C)

    It would have made sense if she brought you in as a green card holder as a result of you not qualifying for citizenship at birth (or she because she was unable to provide the necessary evidence), and then filed for your citizenship papers. If you got a certificate of citizenship from that sequence of events, N-565 is what would be filed to obtain a replacement.

    But if what you got is a Report of Consular Birth Abroad, you would file FS-240 for that.

    Have you ever possessed a US passport?

    Ask your mother if you had a green card as a child, before you got citizenship papers. Also ask if she reported your birth to the US embassy in Mexico within the first year after you were born.

    It's one thing if the military won't help you get a new certificate... but have you tried to get them to at least provide a copy of the certificate they had for you? While the copy won't be good enough for your driver's license, it will help you with applying for a new certificate.
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  9. BigJoe5

    BigJoe5 Registered Users (C)

    Having an A# is a big improvement over nothing at all BUT IF the former INS did issue a Certificate it could be associated with another A number.

    When you obtained that A#, did they tell you or did you ask IF there was also a certificate # associated with it?

    IF you were a USC at birth but born abroad the Certificate of Citizenship would begin with AA and if you obtained a Certificate of Citizenship only after obtaining a greencard it would begin with a single A but be different that the "alien registration" number which also begins with a single A.

    IF you have not been issued a Certificate of Citizenship by the former INS, then IF you want one from USCIS, the form is N-600. Today such certificates are issued as single A or as AB (they ran out of numbers for AA certificates). In any N-600 application, the burden of proof is on YOU, obtaining a copy of what you previously had would be a good start.

    As a veteran, you file an SF-180 to get a copy of your military records.

    see: http://www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records/standard-form-180.html

    Good Luck,
  10. adan_8816

    adan_8816 Registered Users (C)

    The military did have a copy, I drove about 2 hours away to go through all of my original documentation whenever I joined to see if they still had it, and they did not.. I have no idea if i've ever had a US Passport or not, not to my knowledge. I will have to sit my mother down and see if she can answer any of these questions.. Also, I was told whenever being checked into my infopass appointment I need to get a TX DL which is one of the biggest reasons i'm going through this is to get my TX DL b/c I have a California one, and cannot do anything with it here as far as having a job driving or anything that I am qualified to do, I tried to get my TX DL however they asked for my birth certificate.. I don't know if i've ever even had a birth certificate or not. Being an alien, what do I have to present to get a DL my social security card and my green card?? Or a passport??

    Thanks for all your help--
  11. adan_8816

    adan_8816 Registered Users (C)


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