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FL: Citizen marrying illegal alien

Discussion in 'Any Topic' started by ronykarim, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. ronykarim

    ronykarim Registered Users (C)

    Hi, I am getting married to an illegal alien.. I live in florida and would like to know the procedure of legalizing my soon ot be wife and the processing time in Florida for this. I'd like to know if the government will issue the social security number or any other sort of permit or visa before she will receive her green card, so she can work and get a car right away and how long it would take for that too. Thanks for the information :-D GREATLY APPRECIATED.
  2. MrAlex

    MrAlex Registered Users (C)

    If she entered the country without inspection, she cannot remain in the U.S. to adjust status. She will need to return to her home country, and you will need to file for a waiver as she will be subject to the 3- or 10-year bar depending on how long she has been here. The ease and likelihood of the waiver being granted will depend on the country she is from. Check with a lawyer (I'm not one)--you need one.

    If she entered with a visa and overstayed or otherwise violated it, she's probably eligible to adjust status while remaining here.
  3. ronykarim

    ronykarim Registered Users (C)

    Hi again.
    No she didn't sneak into the U.S. she came here on a tourist visa (valid for 3 months) back in '96. So what would the process and the processing time be after filing for her legalization? and i'd like to know about some of the things i mentioned before.
  4. ronykarim

    ronykarim Registered Users (C)

    i searched thru the uscis website and i can't find find out how long it would take for i-130 and the EAD.. only thing i found was for the i-485 which said they are processing september 16 applications now (MIAMI) If anyone were to assist, it would be very helpful.
    Thanks again.
  5. ronykarim

    ronykarim Registered Users (C)

    Also, what would she need to apply for these things? (ex. Birth certificate, Passport, i-94)
  6. ronykarim

    ronykarim Registered Users (C)

    Ok great. You guys are a great help. I will contact a lawyer and see whats to work out. THANKS :)
  7. Jane Green

    Jane Green Registered Users (C)

    in December last year your posted a tread saying you were illegal in US. Now you are trying to sponsor your wife as if you were US citizen?
    how can it be?

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