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Fees for I-130 Form

Discussion in 'Life After Citizenship' started by Bubble12, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Bubble12

    Bubble12 Registered Users (C)

    I have a question. If we send a personal check for $355.00 for I-130 Form, is that ok or will it get rejected by U.S. Dept of Homeland Security. Do we have to send a money order or cashiers check. Please advice.

  2. sweetmeli

    sweetmeli Registered Users (C)

    you can sent a check that wont be a problem...

    i did sent money order but check wont be a problem
  3. rick92

    rick92 Volunteer Moderator

    personal checks are OK.-
  4. pistobhai

    pistobhai New Member

    I paid $355.00 via personal check to the Department of Homeland Security, and now the NVC keeps sending me a bill of $355.00 + $45.00 to be paid. I keep telling them that I already paid the 355 and send them a money order for $45.00. But i guess they don't get it. I don't know what to do. Please advise if you have any idea.

  5. fbanna79

    fbanna79 Registered Users (C)

    The $ 355.00 that you paid was for I-130 review. I guess this was approved and sent to the NVC. What you have got now is the visa bill (355.00 + 45 for security fees). It happen that now, the two fees I-130 and visa fees are the same, but they are two different fees paid to two different institutions.

    Can you share your timeline ? When did you send the I-130 and when was it approved ?
  6. ricardomartinlf

    ricardomartinlf New Member

    Hello everyone.
    Thanks to your forum I was able to get the answer to my question about either personal check or money order thank you again.
    my question is the following.
    I am sending a I-130 for my mother so she can get her residency, I am a US citizen.
    she is currently in the US ( CA ) visiting me and her visitor visa expires on January 28th, my question is the following, after I send the I-130 assuming the receipt will get back to me within 3 weeks or even four, I would still get it before her visitor visa expires.
    Does she need to get out of the country before it expires even when her process is already in motion or will she be ok once I get the receipt? I noticed there's a space in the I-130 " information about your relative " #14 where they ask you if she's in the states and I am filling it out YES since she is here, does that mean that they will know that she is here while her process is initiated and so even if her visa expires she would ok staying here while the process takes it course?

    Sorry I know its a little complicated or maybe not, I just wanted to make sure, wouldn't want her staying illegally because of a technicality.
    Thank you very much in advance.

    I-130 for Mother of USC for GC
    1 Sent 12/17/08
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 17, 2008
  7. irfnor76

    irfnor76 Registered Users (C)

    No She cannot stay here based on filing of I-130 Petition alone. She has to file 1-485 (Adjustment of Status) along with I-130 before her visa expire. Simply filing I-130 does not give her any benefit. One more thing, be careful if these forms (1-130+I-485) are filed within 60-90 days of her arrival in US, USCIS may assume it a visa fraud.
    The best solution is to apply I-130 from the home country. For immediate relative of US citizen cases does not take more than a year to process. For applying here in US it is better to talk to a competent immigration attorney. Immigration laws are tricky. Good luck
  8. LolaLi

    LolaLi Active Member

    Aren't immediate relatives of US citizens (including parents) exempt for the unlawful presence requirement? I believe they are... so long as they entred the US legally - which your mother did when she came in with a vistor visa.

    However, I would recommend you submit a form I-485 concurrently with the I-130 as mentioned above. If you have already submitted the I-130, just submit an I-485 form with a copy of the I-130 receipt to begin the process. An I-130 application - whether pending or approved - does not confer any status.
  9. ricardomartinlf

    ricardomartinlf New Member

    Thank you very much both of you, I have sent the I-130 on the 17th and currently awaiting the response, I am gonna go ahead and send the I-485 as well if I am understanding well as soon as I get the receipt? my question is after I get the receipt from the I-130 and I send a copy of this receipt with the I-485 can she stay? assuming they get the receipt with the I-485 before her visa expires since this would mean that her change of status process has already started? and one more, how long does the change of status process takes? Im guessing about 6 months? thnk you very much again.

    I-130 for Mother of USC for GC
    1 Sent 12/17/08

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