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FBI Clearance in US

Discussion in 'Canada - Visiting, Living in, Moving to or Moving ' started by kris7077, Sep 17, 2002.

  1. kris7077

    kris7077 Registered Users (C)

    FBI Clearance in US..Cmon Gurus.nobody has the info?

    Hi Gurus

    I have one more question as a sequel to my post from yesterday. I read some documentation that suggests that we need to get police clearance certificate from all the places where we lived in US also. Following is the text I am reading from this site


    State Police Clearance Certificates
    Certain visa offices require applicants to obtain police clearance certificates from each State in the USA where the applicants have resided. The following list summarizes the contact information or other procedures for obtaining State Police clearance certificates for the USA. Please note that you will most likely also require an FBI Clearance.


    My Question is : Do we have to get the certificates from each state?

    Please share your knowledge.

    Thanks for reading this post and responding

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  2. Avtaar

    Avtaar Registered Users (C)

    FBI Clearence will work and if they ask then submit state Police clearence.

    I have not met a person who was asked for state clearence they just submitted FBI clearence.
    I do not know about the reliability of the website who posted it FYI the web site is not Official from CIC, you should provide what is written in the Instructions on the form from CIC or Canada immigration,
    If you do not have the guide lines or forms download from cic.gc.ca
  3. rb2002

    rb2002 Registered Users (C)


    At the time of final processing, they will send u a letter asking for any additional docs needed by them. In that they will ask you for FBI certi etc. Have not heard of anyone who was asked to give the State clearance as well. But if they need it they will ask u in the last stage and u generally get 3 months time to submit them. So don't worry about it now.

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