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F1 student married to US CITIZEN

Discussion in 'General F Visa and Related Issues' started by joanna29, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. joanna29

    joanna29 Registered Users (C)


    I really need your help in the following questions. first, I came to US this last december, under F1 student visa, I'd being attending school since then and on march 26th i married my fiance, he is a US citizen. now we are on the process in sending all the documentation to immigration for Adjustment of status. so my BIG question is:

    When can I stop attending school? I dont want to keep paying this school. I am not working. My husband works, but i dont want to work because I cannot as an student and i am waiting for the EAC to be approved. I talked with my school and they TOLD me to NOT Stop my school since I need to wait until my GREEN CARD IS APPROVED? and also they told me that immigration doesn't care what lawyers say... they just take action and that's it. So I need some urgent direction since next week I would need to pay school in case to continue it...

    on the other hand some people told me to wait until immigration send me their receipt when they got my documentation... is that right?

    also is that true that when immigration is looking at your papers, they can ask the record of your school?

    I would really appreciate your answers in advance... blessings!!!
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  2. Dr.Mitchel

    Dr.Mitchel Registered Users (C)

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  3. Thietkeweb

    Thietkeweb New Member

    Of course, you must have GREEN CARD, you can stop your shool
  4. zkamal

    zkamal New Member

    I have same kind of situation and if someone can help, )

    I am on F1.

    I have very small question at this point.

    I am currently on F-1 status.

    I got merried to US Citizen on May 27, 2011.

    I applied for I-485, I-765 and I-130 all together.

    And I got the receipt and date for biometrics on Aug 02, 2011.

    My question is that I don’t want to register for my Fall semester which is going to start on Aug 27, 2011. because i can not pay my tution fee.

    If I don’t register for Fall Semester, Will I be in Status or out of status.

    Will it affect my green card process or green card interview.

    Your answer will be really appreciated.

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