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Extension - Visa Waiver Program

Discussion in 'Temporary Visas - OTHER Than The Ones Mentioned' started by skhe, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. skhe

    skhe New Member

    I am a Singaporean citizen currently in the US on a 90-day Visa Waiver Program. I would like to extend my stay beyond the 90 days because my boyfriend just got relocated here for work and I would like to spend more time with him here. Am I allowed to do this? What papers do I have to fill out? And how long am I allowed to stay for?
    Please kindly help. I have been confused my some of the advice given.
    Thank you. :eek:
  2. elcupacabras

    elcupacabras Registered Users (C)

    Unfortunately you cannot extend your stay- you are therefore limited to this number of days, and this number only. There are no papers to fill in and no possible way of extending it. You get 90 days, and thats it.
    You need to make sure you leave the US before (or on) the 90th day of your visa waiver. To stay beyond this would result in an overstay. The consequences of this are:
    1) No longer being able to use the VWP again (even with a 1 day overstay).
    2) Overstays of 180+ days = a 3 year ban from the USA.
    3) Overstays of 360+ days = a 10 year ban.
  3. susan ward

    susan ward Banned

    100% agree with your post
  4. nscagony

    nscagony Registered Users (C)

    Just fly home and come back. You will likely get at least another few weeks. Just be prepared to show close ties to Singapore.
  5. elcupacabras

    elcupacabras Registered Users (C)

    The OP could do this, though they would also be risking the chances of being refused entry and sent back home. The officer at POE may be very interested as to why someone is returning back to the US so soon after a lengthy stay. The whole point of VWP is for visiting purposes, therefore to be able to continue using it you must demonstrate that you are indeed a visitor/tourist. To return home after a lengthy stay and then come back again so soon does not demonstrate the actions of a tourist but rather that of someone 'living' in the US. This is classed as abuse of VWP and is not recommended. General rule of thumb is to spend more time out of the US than in it, though to do this frequently (unless of course you are not of working age/retired) is likely to raise suspicions and you will most likely get denied entry eventually. Therefore if you leave after 80 staying for 80 days, dont return until youve been out of the country for at least 80 days. Granted, people have left after staying for the full 90 days, gone home for a couple of days/weeks and then come back and have been given another 90 days entry........though MANY people have not been so lucky and have been denied. Being denied entry is not the nicest of experiences and usually involves being detained until they can put on the next available flight back. So like I said, general rule of thumb spend longer out of the states than in it, and make sure you demonstrate 'tourist' actions.
  6. Krillin

    Krillin Registered Users (C)

    that sounds scary, as i have done more than 20 entries on VWP now... in the past 2 years and my last visit was about 2 weeks, and i want to come back again to spend there about a month and a half with my gf....... so i have to rely on the CBP's mood of the day of my next re entry... :(
  7. woaibbhemm

    woaibbhemm Banned

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