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Entry into US as a Canadian Citizen after 10 year ban

Discussion in 'Exclusion or Removal from USA' started by Jarvis777, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. devoidanz61

    devoidanz61 New Member

    Well, the no visa policy between the US and Canada is a special visa waiver program that allows Canadian citizens to enter the US on a 'visa waiver'. Canadian citizens do not need a visa to enter the US and neither do citizens of Visa Waiver Program countries (who do need to fill out and get approved for ESTA unloike Canadians who don't need ESTA). But you're right, the rules are different for Canadians than VWP countries. I confused the two and thank you for the correction.

    Let me modify my previous statement then. Forumer F83 who's now a Canadian citizen is subject to a 10-year bar and therefore inadmissible to the USA until 2020. On or after 2020, as long as F83 has no other inadmissibilities (criminal, misrepresentation, etc...), he can just show up at a US port of entry with his Canadian passport without need for applying for a US visa in advance.
  2. NashonB

    NashonB New Member


    Please allow me to piggy back on this post with a question of my own.

    I went to the US when i was 11, unfortunately, wasn't aware that overstaying was an issue. I overstayed my visa for over 10 years, eventually i was asked to leave and i left "Voluntarly". I have a ten year ban to enter the US. I'm now back in my home country, being in a third world country after living in the states for 15 years since i was 11 is proving to be difficult for me. So i'm looking for a better life for myself, It has been 5 years and i'm thinking of going to Canada. Now, as Jarvis777 mentioned in his post, I've read that the US and Canada share immigration info. What are my chances of entering Canada, let alone migrating there?
  3. Igor288

    Igor288 New Member

    Just to let you know that US Visitor Visa (B1/B2) doesn't exist as a category for Canadian citizens. No US Embassy/Consulate in Canada or anywhere in the world for that matter is allowed to issue this type of visa for Canadian passport holders. Canadian citizens (or dual citizenship Canadians) applying to enter US as a visitor are only allowed to apply directly to CBP at US border entry points. If a travel waiver is needed CBP officer will inform Canadian Passport holder directly at the Port of Entry.
  4. devoidanz61

    devoidanz61 New Member

    I already corrected myself. See post #41. Thanks.
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  5. iceearth9

    iceearth9 New Member

    Same here, I'm a Canadian, 10 years bar will be over in Jan 2017.
    3 months ago I contacted US Homeland Security to ask when my BAR will be removed. It took 40 days to processed. The Homeland is mailing me a letter and should be received next 2 weeks.
    I'm very excited to see what they are sending to me. Will keep posted here as soon as the letter has arrived.

  6. fsfh60

    fsfh60 New Member

    Hello all , I would love to get some advice from you in regards to my 10 years ban. My grandpa is really sick and I really want to visit him . I am currently a protected person waiting for the final step of my permenant resident I do hold a travel document . I went to get a visa from the USA embassy in Vancouver last month and got denied on reasons of : Section 212(a)(9) (B)(2): unlawfully presence for over one year after turning 18 . 9B2 until 1 July 2020 . 92A (ordered removed) by DHS/ICE. 10 year ban on reentry until 1 July 2020 . Is it possible to waive this so I can go visit him ? What would I need? Thank you so much.
  7. newacct

    newacct Well-Known Member

    The consular officer who denied you should inform you how to request a waiver.
  8. Igor288

    Igor288 New Member

    Can you please tell us what kind of letter you received?
  9. Abeena

    Abeena New Member

    Have you received the letter yet ? And if you have what are they saying ?
  10. iceearth9

    iceearth9 New Member

    I went to the borders found my bar was over. I drove to Montana for 2 hours and headed back to Canada. I flew to Florida 3 day after. I'm now in the US got 30 days stamp on my passport. I will be returning to Canada on the 28th Feb and will come back to Florida again hope they let me stay for another 6 months.
  11. IsraelCanada

    IsraelCanada New Member

    HEllo Iceearth9, witch Department did you call to get your BAR status? thanks
  12. IsraelCanada

    IsraelCanada New Member

    Hello all good morning,

    My name is Israel, back in 2008 i was deported from the USA due a illegal entry and sating for a period of 3 years.
    I got a 10 years Ban, with is almost over in one year.

    About 8 months ago I applied for a I-212 witch was approved and now i have to apply for a I-192.

    Now comes my question. IF i apply for a waiver and it's approved, i have to keep renewing it even after the 10 years is passed,(i'm a Canadian citizen with out criminal records) or in mid 2018 when my deportation completes 10 years the BAR is over and i no longer need to renew?

    Thanks a lot.

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