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EB2 Under "Exceptional Ability" category

Discussion in 'PERM' started by sinathi, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. sinathi

    sinathi Registered Users (C)

    Hello All,

    I have my Bachelors in Computer Applications after Diploma in computer Science, it will be 10+3+3 = 16 total years of education. I also have 15+ years of experience in the same field.

    My attorney is telling that my case cannot be applied in EB3 as my degree is of only 3 years and not 4 years.

    Rajiv suggested considering applying in EB2 under "Exceptional Ability" category. USICS has a set of criteria to be met to qualify under this category.

    I need some help/guidance to meet few criteria as mentioned in USICS on their website, Please let me know if any of you or your friends applied in this category.

    Any information or lead in this regards is greatly appreciated, I am left with just 6 months of H1B.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. littleadv

    littleadv Registered Users (C)

    Wouldn't bother if I were you. Exceptional ability means prizes, publications, recommendations, salary way above the standard, etc. Here's the list. I would guess you would also be audited.
  3. sinathi

    sinathi Registered Users (C)

    Hi Little Advisor,

    Thanks for your input, the same was told by Rajiv.

    I am looking for someone who have done their case in this category, It is my personal feeling is that the experience is different when you go through it than just knowing about it.

    Thanks again.
  4. littleadv

    littleadv Registered Users (C)

    I know someone who did it, not in IT field. That person had prizes of national level for his country, and he was sweating.

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