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EAD renewal timeline

Discussion in 'General I-485 and Related Issues' started by smile_all, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. smile_all

    smile_all Registered Users (C)

    My EAD expires Aug 25th 2006, When can I apply for EAD renewal?I dont want to wait till the end of the expiration.

  2. minn_labor

    minn_labor Registered Users (C)

    Its seems from what I read here in the forums that EAD renewal at NSC is taking about 2 months or less, whereas all others service centers are taking about 3 months or more. Apply accordingly.
  3. smile_all

    smile_all Registered Users (C)

    Does it mean that I can apply anytime? The sooner I apply the more buffer I have if delayed by USCIS. I will apply immediately.
  4. minn_labor

    minn_labor Registered Users (C)

    You don't want to apply before 90 days because if you don't get your EAD after 90 days you can apply for an interim EAD.
  5. gc_2006

    gc_2006 Registered Users (C)

    Usually the EAD takes between 2-3 months as was pointed out here (got mine from CSC after 2 months last year). 90+ days pending allows you to get interim EAD, so to be 'safer' you should try to file 90+ days before the current EAD expires.
    In my present case for example, the EAD was approved after ~50 days but then got lost in the mail (we never changed our address and never received my wife's and my EAD card while at the same time we got 4 other mailings from USCIS!!). I have an infopass appointment at the local USCIS office on the 91st day to see what can be done. Supposedly you have a harder time getting an interim EAD if you already got approved and the EAD card never showed up versus if it is still pending. The logic makes not much sense, but that's the way it is. I'll keep you posted what the visit at the local USCIS will yield.

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  6. 1moreday

    1moreday Registered Users (C)

    be prepared for the worst case scenario

    ***When you are dealing with USCIS, always be prepared for the worst case scenario. ***
    Apply 100 days in advance. Sometimes they approve in a couple of weeks, sometimes well over 100 days. I got burned twice. I applied my EAD2 90 days in advance, it was approved in 30 days, so I lost 2 months. For my EAD3, I applied 30 days in advance. Now it is over 90 days, still no news. I will take infopass appt. and go. Lots of waste of resources and lots of stress. :mad:

    ***When you are dealing with USCIS, always be prepared for the worst case scenario.***
  7. smile_all

    smile_all Registered Users (C)

    Intersting!!.. I thought no matter how soon you apply they will issue the renewed EAD starting from the expiry of the previous one.

    Let me know if my understanding is correct.

    If you apply sooner you might (1)loose some days depending upon when they approve but on the same token it is will give (2)enough buffer to get a interim EAD just incase INS delays more than 90 days. I guess its obvious that one should always take the later option(2).
  8. 1moreday

    1moreday Registered Users (C)

    Always be prepared for the worst case scenario

    NOPE. Sometimes they do it rarely. Do not depend on it. Always be prepared for the worst case scenario.


    Sometimes, If you beg during iEAD infopass appt they issue starting from the expiry of the previous one.
    Sometimes, if you get a letter from HR which says you will be fired without EAD, you can go to infopass appt and beg for iEAD before 90 days. They will issue if they are in a good mood on that day and if you can pass the security. Usually, they check your NOA, if it is less 90 days, they will not let you in.

    Always be prepared for the worst case scenario.
    It is a lose-lose situation.

    TIP: I read somewhere in this forum. If you mail your old EAD mailer (the thick paper attached to your EAD card, just like the credit/bank cards mailer), it is usually approved fast.
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  9. bobbyren

    bobbyren Registered Users (C)

    Not sure if this is absolutely right. I e-filed my renewal on Jan 23, 2006 and mailed the cutoff section(the thick paper attached to your EAD card) and am still waiting. Current EAD expires on April 20 and I have made a InfoPass app. for April 12. I would like to take the chance to try to get iEAD before 90 days. Certainly as suggested I will ask for a letter from my HR.

  10. sekar73

    sekar73 Registered Users (C)

    You can apply 180 days before expiration. True, that you lose days if it is approved too soon. I have done 3 EAD renewals in less than 2.5 years, but I wouldn't bother doing more renewals as long as long as I have given myself enough time for whole renewal process to complete.
  11. HumHongeKamyaab

    HumHongeKamyaab Registered Users (C)

    if u r working on ead

    i have abandoned my h1b and i am working on EAD. i have decided to renew EAD every 180 days. the reason for this is that i applied for wife's ead renewal 120 days before her ead expired. after 60 days she got an rfe, now the 90 day interim ead clocl starts again so the new 90th day is 30 days after her ead approval. to avoid all such mess in the future and illegal employment or no employment periods, i plan to renew EAD every 180 days.
  12. 485test

    485test Registered Users (C)

    EAD ND 02/17
    AD: 04/04
    NSC Paper based

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