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EAD Approved. Can I job hop now?

Discussion in 'National Benefits Center' started by fornehal, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. fornehal

    fornehal Registered Users (C)

    Hi Everybody,

    My EAD is approved and actually in my hands. Thing of beauty ;)

    Here's my timeline:
    ND: 27th March, 2006
    FP: 9th April, 2006
    AD: 7th June, 2006.

    I am currently on H1. Now that I have got the EAD, can I switch jobs without any restrictions now? Any more things to look out for now OR can I just pick one offer and my EAD(valid for 1 year) should be enough to show that I am allowed to work in the country.

    I would like to thank people in this forum. Forums like this make this horribly long confusing process more manageable and bearable.
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  2. patty579

    patty579 Registered Users (C)

    I don't know about your first questions, but looks to me like you're ready to go! Congratulations!
    Did you have an RFE? Just wondering.
  3. fornehal

    fornehal Registered Users (C)

    you mean Request for Evidence.

    Nope. Did not receive such a thing. Mailed the appication, got the receipts for I-765 & I-485. Then got the letter for Finger Printing. then got the approval for I-765. I-485 obviously is still pending. Btw, I applied my I-131 based on my wife's GC. When my priority date for I-131 became current earlier this year, I applied for EAD/485.

    Am I missing anything here?
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  4. patty579

    patty579 Registered Users (C)

    Sorry about the confusion :)
    An RFE is a Request for further Evidence. Sounds like you didn't get one (which is good). :D
    I was just wondering, because I had got one and I haven't got my EAD yet. I'm always trying to compare timelines with people who had an RFE, too, just to get a better idea as to how much of a delay to expect.

    Anyway, congrats again!
  5. patty579

    patty579 Registered Users (C)

    Not missing anything, everything sounds good. (Except you mean the I-130 petition, I-131 is the Advance Parole, but that's ok, I keep confusing the numbers too!) :D

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