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DV2018 Selectees from Ghana

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by Lucid, May 3, 2017.

  1. Cogxwell

    Cogxwell New Member

    Hi all,
    I have been preparing my document and my family for the interview. Almost all documents required are ready, but I have a few things I need to know, which are specific to the Accra embassy. WRT SSSCE certificate, I leant that they do not even consider your university degrees but only the SSSCE/WASSCE Certificate only. On my Certificate I had the following;
    Integrated Science - B, Mathematics (Core) - B, Social Studies - C, English Language - C and the rest were all Es. Since the 2017 fiscal year I was told they've been strict with the grades and I currently need first hand info on whether this makes my case risky. Even though I have a First Class University degree, I'm informed it won't make any difference.
  2. Richieashes

    Richieashes New Member

    You mean, all your electives are Es
  3. Cogxwell

    Cogxwell New Member

  4. Richieashes

    Richieashes New Member

    Its only the co who can determine if you could be approved by that result. I know of someone who have Es n got approved. So its also possible that u can be approved. All I can say to pray n God will see u through.
  5. Richieashes

    Richieashes New Member

    Please can you watsapp me 0246474380. We have watsapp group dv lott if you wouldn't mine u can join us so dat we know how best we can help you.
  6. Lucid

    Lucid Active Member

    Might not cause a problem. You had no fails and your core Math and English grades are good.
  7. Blessbee

    Blessbee Member

    Which of the two hospitals
  8. Kojo E

    Kojo E Member

  9. Kojo E

    Kojo E Member

    I thought that was the objective of this forum? To share info with everyone who needs it? Why another group?
  10. Cogxwell

    Cogxwell New Member

    Lol.. he opens his eyes a few times in a day, like once or twice. But its fine now,I have is passport now
  11. Cogxwell

    Cogxwell New Member

    Passport ready now, on to the medicals tomorrow.
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  12. Nana Kofi

    Nana Kofi Member

    First of all, I would like to @Britsimon, @SusieQQQ, @Sm1smom, and everybody on this forum for your posts and suggestions. Your posts and responses really helped me succeed. God bless you and all those who presented their problems for me to learn from. I’ll do my best to donate when possible.

    I’m from Kumasi, Ghana and had my interview at the Accra Embassy on Monday, November 13.

    I got to the embassy around 9:00am though I was scheduled for 10:30am. I was made to wait outside till 10:00am. The pre-interview procedure is same as people have been narrating over and over again …so let me skip to the interview session.

    I was the last but one DV applicant in the queue but strangely I was the 2nd person to be called to Window 8. The first person went to Window 7…he was asked to leave and return later because he had stayed in South Africa for over a year but didn’t know he had to obtain a police report from there and submit.

    It was around 1:00pm when my name was mentioned…I met a very friendly young white woman who smiled throughout my 3-minute interview. Probably it was less than 3 minutes…lol.

    Before calling me to the window, I saw her going through my documents one after the other…that point I knew she’s about to call me…so I stayed alert. I was finally called to the window….

    CO: Raise your right hand… bla bla bla.

    As I took the oath, I saw her pull a white paper which has a paragraph highlighted in yellow…at that point I knew she had already approved my visa because before they started with the DV interview, same sheets were issued to those who were granted immigrant visas in different categories. I felt so good when I saw her writing my CN at the top right of the paper.

    CO: Sorry for keeping you waiting for that long Sir.

    Me: That’s Ok (with a smile).

    CO: Have you traveled to the US before?

    Me: No

    CO: (looking on the computer) But have you traveled outside Ghana before?

    Me: Yes (Went to bla bla …)

    CO: Alright, how long did you stay there?

    Me: Answered

    CO: Where will you be staying in the US?

    Me: Answered

    CO: What’s your relationship with your host?

    Me: Answered

    CO: That’s great (smiling). Which high school did you attend and which year did you complete?

    Me: Answered.

    CO: And what’s your profession?

    Me: Answered

    CO: (Smiled broadly and picked the white sheet and said). You have so many certificates…she laughed. I have seen in your documents that you’re already certified to work as a health professional in the US.

    Me: Yes (I laughed back).

    CO: Ok…I guess you’re going to continue in the states. (That point she had raised the paper and was pointing to a paragraph that had the DHL office address where I’m to pick my Passport)

    Me: For sure (we both laughed)

    CO: Focus on this part of the paper for me please. You’ll pick your Passport from this address but before then, go to this website and create a profile….bla bla…A message will be sent to your phone and email when it’s ready for pick-up. I wish you well.

    Me: Thank you (full of happiness at this point)

    She returned all my original documents except my Passport and Birth Cert. I didn’t have time to check the returned docs till I returned to Kumasi to realize she retained my birth cert in addition to the Passport…lol But I’m cool…no fears since all my documents were genuine.

    – I kept my answers really brief and short. I made sure I don’t give more than 2 sentences to an answer. I maintained single straight to the point sentence as answer. From what I observed from interviews that were held before me, people who talked plenty ended up getting follow up questions on and on. Avoid saying something you haven’t been asked to say. Straight to the point answers.

    – I had earlier unlocked the DS260 and made changes but she didn’t ask anything about that at all. I changed my host and also corrected errors I made with some dates.

    – I didn’t have my SSCE certificate but I submitted my original statement of results, print-out of the WAEC Results Confirmation order screen, + attestation letter from my school. By the way, my SSCE results were very good with “A” in Mathematics too so I had nothing to worry about though the final certificate wasn’t available. I qualified both ways…education + work experience.

    – I had an introduction letter from my employer indicating the duration of my employment and my profession.

    – I didn’t have any AOS. I had a signed employment document with a US employer but didn’t submit. I chose to only submit when the need arise to prove I won’t be a public charge.

    – I am an internationally certified health professional with a license to practice in US so I included the certificates in the docs I submitted.

    All docs were received in Window 5 by a lady who went through and returned others saying I should only show when requested (including salary slips, leave letters etc).

    Well that was how brief things went for me. I couldn’t believe it myself…was just like doing a normal funny chat with someone. Straight forward question. Straight forward answer. I wish everyone who’s yet to go for interview well.

    Once again, thanks everyone!
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  13. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    Congratulations! All the best for your new life in the US :)
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  14. Sm1smom

    Sm1smom Super Moderator

    Congratulations. All the best with your relocation.
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  15. Kojo E

    Kojo E Member

    Congrats @Nana Kofi ! Thanks for sharing!
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  16. Dunamis

    Dunamis Member

    @Kojo E, long time where have you bn?
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  17. Lucid

    Lucid Active Member

    Congrats sir.
    I believe the co keeping your BC might have been a mistake somehow. Normally they retain only the copies.
    Anyway all the best as you join us in USA.
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  18. Kojo E

    Kojo E Member

    Been busy with work related travel out of town bro. Hope you’re good? @Dunamis
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  19. Nana Kofi

    Nana Kofi Member

    I see. I had included photocopies of all original docs. Not a big problem. I just received a text message that my passport is ready for collection (less than 48 hours after interview...that's really fast...lol). If I don't find my original BC in the package, I will email the embassy about it. If I don't get a positive feedback on time, I will send one of the copies I made to the Births & Deaths Registry for the original to be replaced.
  20. Kojo E

    Kojo E Member

    @Nana Kofi have you been able to log on and do the online payment for the “Green Card” yet?

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