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Dv2013 winners and non winners confirmation numbers

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by ovicity, May 7, 2012.

  1. ovicity

    ovicity Registered Users (C)

    Hello Forumites,
    I want to create this thread so that we could all include our CONFIRMATION NUMBERS for both selectees and non selectees so that we could establish if the confirmation numbers giving to us after the submission of the EDV entries has anything to do with our winnings.

    We want to do a research on this CONFIRMATION NUMBERS and also want to know if DOS are truelly conducting a random selection or they are just picking individuals themselves. i could remember sometime ago, someone in this forum brought this idea, but people kicked against it.

    I want to believe, this info's will help alot of people in this forum. One Love!

    Let me start by pasting mine.


    This is also a sample of someone who won DV 2010: 201012ZXBWGLHTTZ
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  2. ovicity

    ovicity Registered Users (C)

    I would have attached the EDV ENTRY FORM, but dont know how to do it. I have the form on my Email addrress. I want everyone to see themselves so that they would know i'm not joking.
  3. Schoolboy

    Schoolboy Registered Users (C)

    Good To Hear This

    Good to hear this.So that atleast to have an idea of how DOS is randomly selecting the winning entries.
    Confirmation Number:201332I38FROBPZS
  4. ovicity

    ovicity Registered Users (C)

    @Schoolboy, good job. Hey, come on guyz, why are u silent as if we are speaking french. Its for the benefit of everyone in the house. Lets break this hurdles. The DOS is not giving us any chance and to make things worst, this people are playing with our intelligence. We must be smart also.
  5. Schoolboy

    Schoolboy Registered Users (C)

    My bro please call me
  6. radovic

    radovic Registered Users (C)

  7. Schoolboy

    Schoolboy Registered Users (C)

    Guys is there any DV2013 winner in the house and if so, should please let us know with confirmation number also, as we intend to carry out some research on how the lottery is been randomize by DOS, either by confirmation number has something to do with winning or base on time of entry submision as we have seen someone (upper post) mention that won DV2010 with confirmation number he received after submission of his entry.So Please forumite let us know our confirmation numbers whether SELECTED or NOT SELECTED.
    Entered DV:Nov 5,2011
    Confirmation Number:201332I38FROBPZS
    NOT SELECTED.But hoping on Oct 1st.
  8. fthnm2005

    fthnm2005 Registered Users (C)

    won't work

    this is doomed 'cause there tons of ppl out there who don't come visit this site and needless to say that even those who do visit this forum will not reveal it due to privacy concerns.
  9. ovicity

    ovicity Registered Users (C)

    Nothing is doomed here. U got selected and u av gotten all u needed to know to get to the US via this forum. Please, don't discourage others. What is good for u is also good for others. What is private about this? Giving out my CONFIRMATION NUMBER doen't mean you can have access to my details. May i remind you that you need more than the confirmation number to get access to the webpage. You need to enter your LAST NAME, CONFIRMATION NUMBER and your YEAR OF BIRTH. You are only giving out your confirmation number, and to God be the Glory, this time around ,if you enter wrong details, the system will inform you immediately. So you cannot do anything with my CONFRIMATION NUMBER even if you want it, cos you dont have other data's about me.

    I'm still pleading, guyz, those of you who won, lets help ourselves and our love ones. We want them to gain alot about this DVLOTTERY, and for sure, even if eventually we left this forum, other's coming behind will still benefit from it. Thanks, One Love!
  10. josh000

    josh000 Registered Users (C)

    First of all, overload on the first post. Any reason you need to use that ghastly font?

    Second, what makes you think you will be able to tell anything useful if people do provide their confirmation numbers?

    The percentage of people who would contribute to this thread, is a sample size so small that it is certainty, statistically insignificant.

    More than that, there has already been a lawsuit against DoS for not drawing entrees randomly. Do you really think they did not rectify that for the 2013 draw?
  11. ovicity

    ovicity Registered Users (C)

    Firstly, I want to bliv the font size that i used is insignificant to you. My reasons is best known to me.

    Secondly, Leave that to me.

    Thirdly, the size of people in this forum dosen't really matter. What matters to them is result.

    And fourthly, Who told you the lawsuit will stand. You think you are dealing with illitrates. You sued the govt. of America over something they gave you for free, and you think you will win? Very funny!!!!!
  12. josh000

    josh000 Registered Users (C)

    Lol. OK. You clearly didn't get what I was saying.

    My point about the lawsuit had nothing to do with it standing or not, just with DoS not repeating a mistake they were made aware of. Which you seem to hope they have made again.

    Forum posters: adding your confirmation number here will not result in anything useful at all. No meaningful conclusion will be able to be drawn from such a tiny sample.

    Better to keep sensitive info to yourself unless there is a good reason, which as not been given.
  13. elijiala

    elijiala Registered Users (C)

    i fink Josh000 is right...there's absolutely nothing significant tha can come out of people producing their confirmation nos on here but having said tha if there are still people who believe you can come up with something with these confirmation nos thingy then pls go ahead with it but i personally feel ur just flogging a dead horse
  14. ovicity

    ovicity Registered Users (C)

    And you think they have not made any mistake? I put it to you that they have made a gravely mistake, only finding it difficult to tell the whole world becos of their previous mistakes. They have to come up with this Oct 1st issue so as to calm the nerves of non-selectees. They have to release a sample of winners cos if they don't, people will understand their incompetences, thereby, making the whole DVLOTTERY stuff a shamble.
    People will start loosing faith in them which of course is not good for business.

    Americans are not fools. While you are sleeping, they are brilliant people working tirelessly to find a solution to every problems before it goes beyond control. How do you think people will react if after may 1st, the result was held and they now came up with this story that we have to wait till oct 1st? Maybe that time you will understand what we are talking about.
  15. josh000

    josh000 Registered Users (C)

    I think you've resorted to a far fetched unlikely explanation that gives hope out of desperation.

    A court ordered them to change the way thew drew winners so it was random. What reason do you have to expect they ignored or did so incompetently?

    Without a good reason, this whole post is moot. Just wait till October, and hope for the best.
  16. ovicity

    ovicity Registered Users (C)

    I fink josh000 is totally wrong. This is what happened last year DV 2012. A member came out to tell everyone that the whole may 1st result was a mistake and that the DOS just realised that they have been a computer glitch. Nobody blived him, not untill the DOS had to publicly denounce the result themsevles. People don't beliv anything not untill they see fire over their roof. You dont always have to see before you beliv. One Love!
  17. ovicity

    ovicity Registered Users (C)

    You fail to understand that desperate measures gives despetate solutions.
  18. lasiaf

    lasiaf Registered Users (C)

    I personally think its not safe to give ur confirmaion no. here.Bcz it is a unique ID which shows the year applied like 2012 2013 etc,the region you belong(1,2,3,...) and the rest of letters n numbers signify something(Don't know wat :) but something which is unique about YOU.So some MegaMind :) can use this info for some Mega thing :)
  19. ovicity

    ovicity Registered Users (C)

    Let those megamind try it if they can succeed. This is not western union. The uniqueness of your ID has been engraved by the DOS for you alone. Nobody can make use of it. You forget they are Agent who plays this lottery for people out there? and their confirmation number is still with them? How many could you tell me had swindled people with just a confirmation number? I have only heared selectees complaining that thier agents refuse to give them their package, probably trying to collect more money from them, and that is the least they can do.
  20. Schoolboy

    Schoolboy Registered Users (C)

    Hey i think you clearly misunderstood what @ovicity is saying here.May i advise you to look up the thread to see someone who won DV2010 with confirmation number.What @ovicity simply want here is a little research or evidence on how the draw is been conducted, either it has something to do with confirmation number which we have seen of one person who won DV2010 sample or by time of entry submission or purely randomize draw selection as DOS have said.How do you guys think that Mr white the attorney of the plaintiff gets his clue concerning the ex 22k selections or do you think he just filed a lawsuit against DOS for nothing without concrete evidence, even if Mr white would hardly find the court ruling proceeding in favor him cos i personally don't think one can sue a government for a case of doing favor of lottery for everybody.It is their lottery and game and can run it which ever way they want it, after all one is not asked to pay for it before entring.So i guess you take good look back to see what he is trying to say here.And perhaps he is not looking for the whole confirmation numbers of everyone that applied but just few numbers either SELECTED or NOT SELECTED simple.If this case suit you comply but if this case does not suit you then live it without contradicting it.
    Entered DV:Nov 5,2011
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