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DV 2017 OC Selectees

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by MattWatt, May 3, 2016.

  1. Wingpin

    Wingpin Active Member

    Yes, bring all the paperwork you can imagine you might need into one folder, but put the fundamental documents into another and take them out. They appreciate you being organised. I got asked for each document one by one and handed each over with the photocopy. There's a sign saying "do not provide any additional documents unless they are specifically requested".

    So for example, they first get the passport, photos, police certificates, birth certificate, high school, degree etc, then they might ask for a transcript or proof of funds (which is what happened in my case, but London is more stringent than Sydney it seems) and then you can pull them out quickly. My only mistake is not making a photocopy of the transcript, so the officer needed to leave the booth to go do that.
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  2. EmilyW

    EmilyW Well-Known Member

    Just for Sydney, they organize your documents before you even get to the consulate floor. Once they have organized them, they hand you back a folder and that's what you hand over to the CO. You won't need to hand over document by document.

    BUT, we had a supplementary folder full of information that wasn't mandatory but which we had on hand just in case.
  3. Dapper J

    Dapper J New Member

    Do you bring a prepaid express post Envelope or Satchel to interview?
    Thanks for your time.
  4. EmilyW

    EmilyW Well-Known Member

    From memory, they ask for a 3kg Express Post Satchel. It's not just your passport that gets returned to you via mail. It's also the orange envelope that you have to hand over at the POE.

    You will need to have written the address on the Satchel and make sure you pull off the sticker showing your tracking number.
  5. Dapper J

    Dapper J New Member

    Thanks for your quick response and your time @EmilyW
  6. TomPerth

    TomPerth New Member

    Thanks EmilyW for your help!

    Can someone please confirm I’ve went to the correct link for the police check?

    afpnationalpolicechecks 'dot' converga 'dot' com 'dot' au ? (haven't quite reached five posts yet to post the URL)

    It only lets me select two types of purposes. I am guessing I should select “Commonwealth employment/purpose”

    And then “33 – Immigration/Citizenship – for supply to the Department of Immigration of Border Protection”

    Does that look right?
  7. EmilyW

    EmilyW Well-Known Member

  8. TomPerth

    TomPerth New Member

    Thank you EmilyW
  9. TheaT

    TheaT New Member

    Hi everyone,
    Just want to share our activation experience at the LAX and our job hunting experience so far.

    We got our GC approved on a glorious Sydney morning last December. Instead of doing an activation trip then go back to Australia, we dived head in and moved over in one go at the start of this month.

    The activation process itself was quite simple. After 2.5 hours of queuing, we went through custom with our envelop and were told to wait for another officer to come and escort us to another area where he checked our paper work and updated our postal address. The checking process only took 15 minutes.

    One thing I'd like to mention is to look out for one of those stickers that said "Expedite Connection" if you have to catch a connecting flight to your destination from LAX. There's someone from the airline handing the stickers out before you walk towards the custom area. We realised later that the people who got these stickers were in a different queue which moved slightly faster than the one we were in.

    When we finally realised that there's an expedite queue, it was too late to change queues, so we queued for 2.5 hours or so and missed our connecting flight to JFK. No biggie, because Qantas put us on the next domestic flight, unfortunately we were told that the next flight was broken down and we got further delayed. As a result, we were waiting at the domestic gate for 7 hours for a flight to JFK. Other than this little mishap, everything was smooth and people were very friendly.

    In terms of getting our SSN, I actually got mine within the first week we landed in NY. A lot faster than expected, probably just sheer luck!

    Given our experience so far, I'd definitely recommend opening a US banking account before you arrive. We got a US bank account back in Australia through HSBC. That process took around 2 months or so given the back and forth and daily follow up phone call to their US team. Persistence is the key to get them to set up the bank account and mail out the ATM cards to us in Australia before our departure. But having a local bank account made it so much easier for us to set up everything else! Definitely worth doing!

    Like all the experts on this forum mentioned, moving country is not for everyone. Leaving a familiar environment behind and waking up in a new surrounding can be very daunting. More so if you're doing this alone. Having said that, I'm extremely grateful to have moved here with my husband and gotten the GC through the DV lottery. I went to a few networking events where a lot of Aussies are on an E3 visa or ESTA looking for jobs and have encountered many difficulties. Even as green card holders and spelling this out on our resumes, we still encountered a lot of recruiters asking us questions about our GC status given that most of our professional experiences were based in Australia. We're extremely lucky to have been to a few interviews already, but the job hunting process is still a very unsettling experience where I constantly have doubts about myself and my decision to move to NY. However, we're still being optimistic about landing a job in the near future.

    Thank you again for Mom, Britsimon, Susie, Emily and everyone on this forum for all your advice throughout the process! Knowing that someone out there has gone through the same experience is a comforting thought. Best of luck to all DV winners and to those who are ready to take this big step to move to an exciting chapter of your lives.

  10. EmilyW

    EmilyW Well-Known Member

    Great post, Thea. Message me if you want to swap numbers and need any help / advice / shoulder to cry on. ;-)
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  11. Dapper J

    Dapper J New Member

    A question regarding the interview appointment. After I received my 2nl with interview date I got a email regarding my interview to respond within a certain amount of days to confirm you will be attending interview and I did and got a email back saying something like "thank you for confirming your interview on such day, bring all your supporting documents from this required checklist link". Do I still have to book appointment through us travil docks website that I was given a link to on another email or any other way? Or is my interview finalised and ready for me to just attend and bring my documents ds260 medical ect?.
  12. RejectedSpark

    RejectedSpark Member

    Thanks for the great post, @TheaT :) sorry to hear about the troubles at LAX. Not fun after such a long flight!

    Do you mind me asking how the interviews are going? Makes sense that the recruiters would be cautious, as they're responsible for screening, but I was hoping once you're actually in front of an interview the reaction was a bit more positive. I've been on the other side of the table, and am impressed by people who go out of their way to make such a big change in their life.

    Also, great advice on opening a bank account. Does anyone know of banks other than HSBC that would accommodate this? I've had a couple of accounts with them here in Australia and always found their processes painful.

    As for myself, my passport came back at the start of last week. We have one more hurdle to get over with my partner's re-entry permit (posted in another thread) which, fingers crossed, should be resolved in a few days. Then we'll be booking flights for September. Also need to inform work, which will be kinda funny given just a month ago a colleague resigned for the same reason...!
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  13. RejectedSpark

    RejectedSpark Member

    You need to confirm via email and also setup an account on that website they send you. Also make sure to use the checklist from the email and not the one on the travel.gov website - the email version seems to have been updated, and asks for a resume and Onet qualification.
  14. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    No expert on Aussie banks but tbh the advice above describing how to open in Australia sounded way more painful than doing it in the US when you get there. Maybe an hour to get one opened, if you're at the right bank all you need is a passport (some want proof of address so those would take longer to sort out) and depending on the bank /account the card could arrive as soon as the next day, some would take 2-3 days. Not sure the hassle of 2 months of back and forth described above is worth it to get maybe a 1-2 day head start ?!
  15. RejectedSpark

    RejectedSpark Member

    Haha true, but I was asking for my partner, actually. I won't go into the long story as to why, but just say that it would be helpful to have now.
  16. MissNIcole

    MissNIcole New Member

    Hi everyone,
    New here! I have my interview in a few weeks time and was hoping someone could confirm exactly what the Onet docs are, are these related to work experience if you choose not to supply a high school/university certificate? I will be providing my year 12 high school certificate. Thanks, appreciate any advice!
  17. EmilyW

    EmilyW Well-Known Member


    O*net is only required if you are qualifying on work experience. You don't need anything like that if you have Year 12.
  18. Rainman246

    Rainman246 New Member

    I recently made my move to the USA. Have found all processes relatively easy so far...Have moved to DC, found a job, received my SSN (on the 4th day in the country), opened a bank account, transferred money from overseas, got an apartment, set up phone/internet/cable, and even navigated setting up health insurance. All of this was made so much easier by the extensive information on these forums. Thanks so much to the main contributors for consistently providing responses to all of our questions.

    My only question I have now is whether (as permanent residents) we are supposed to keep USCIS informed if we change address? I am sure that I read this somewhere but can't find information for it now. Also I haven't received my physical SSN or green card yet. Would this update influence where either of these would get sent?
  19. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    Yes, you need to update within 10 days of changing address. You can do this online (just google uscis change of address).

    Your SSN card is probably already in the mail (if longer than 3 weeks then go back to SSA though as something has gone wrong). Re green card... depending on where in the system it is it may still get sent to the old address even though there is provision to notify them if you have something in progress.
  20. EmilyW

    EmilyW Well-Known Member

    This is the link @SusieQQQ mentioned: https://egov.uscis.gov/coa/displayCOAForm.do

    You can do everything online. Just be sure to save the PDF once you're done. It will help if/when you later apply for citizenship and you need to keep track of everywhere you have lived and the dates.

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