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DV 2013 winner - please help

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by superkew, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. superkew

    superkew Registered Users (C)

    Hey guys,

    I have been browsing the forum to try find an answer, but cant seem to find something directly.

    We got drawn as winners in the 2013 draw: "You are among those randomly selected for further processing in the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program for the fiscal year 2013 (October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2013 ). "

    We had our package of the forms sent to the KCC before the end of May. But we haven't got a response yet. I have no idea if we should have heard back yet, if we should follow up, or just wait.

    It seems as though the case number dictates the date of interview, ours is in the 53000 range.

    Any advise, or feedback on what to do would be great!

    Thanks :)
  2. essieta

    essieta Registered Users (C)

    Superkew, update your signature,which region are you from? well, you need to send an email to KCC asking whether they received your documents....most probably your interview might be in June 2013
  3. superkew

    superkew Registered Users (C)

    Ok, signature updated. I just copied your template, hope that is ok.

    I have emailed the KCC and am awaiting a reply.

    We used DHL to send the documents, and got the Shipment Delivered notification on the 30th May.
  4. essieta

    essieta Registered Users (C)

    They will sure reply after some days.......i hope you included your case no.,full names and date of birth.you can read through the forums for some good info.
  5. superkew

    superkew Registered Users (C)

    Email response from KCC. They have everything :)
  6. wallstreet84

    wallstreet84 Registered Users (C)

    ;) good news for you!
  7. superkew

    superkew Registered Users (C)

    Now the next task.

    We have a baby on the way (only found out after our application), so when she is born, I have to get the birth certificate, and submit all those forms to KCC.
  8. tiwanna

    tiwanna Registered Users (C)

    how old is ur wife's pregnancy? if she is due b4 d interview then u can send another form for the baby to kcc after birth. warm wishes
  9. 12345abcde

    12345abcde New Member

    My Case number is around 10000 from nepal. I would like to know is the second letter arrived of the case number around 9000? ? ? plz reply it the case number of 9000.
  10. superkew

    superkew Registered Users (C)

    Our baby was born two weeks ago.

    Do I need to submit an entire DS230 form for the baby? And what about the "children" section in the original DS230 forms that my wife and I submitted...
  11. immigrant456

    immigrant456 Registered Users (C)

    you can join following group:

  12. baku

    baku Registered Users (C)

    Asia number is moving very slow this year but if you check previous year Visa bulletin they made all CN current after June, So I guess if the number don't jump high enough every number will be current after June and you will get your 2nd NL after June.
  13. emily.ouko

    emily.ouko New Member

    please hel me, i sent my docs to kcc in July by post. Am from Africa - my case number is 2013AF00064**** I never got a notification to confirm if they received my documents, what am I supposed to do. ps help me with the kcc email
  14. superkew

    superkew Registered Users (C)

  15. Dziecka

    Dziecka Registered Users (C)

    KCC doesnt send confirmations itself. you have to either call them and ask if the receive your forms or email them and wait for their response.
  16. tiwanna

    tiwanna Registered Users (C)

    just send an email to kcc coupled with the baby's birth certificate and tell dem you just had a baby. that u would like the baby to be included in your case file as a beneficiary. no need to fill a new form.
  17. Sm1smom

    Sm1smom Super Moderator

    No, it is not enough to simply email the baby's birth certificate as suggested. You need to update your information by sending out a new set of forms, including the baby's birth certificate. You can however send the forms, birth certificate, baby's photo to KCC via email if you want to save on postal cost or if you want prove of delivery, then you need to mail them in. KCC will not simply include the baby's birth certificate on the file they will be sending to your applicable embassy if there are no forms filed out indicating the baby's addition to your entry.
  18. ledio84

    ledio84 New Member

    Hi all

    I need your help please. I won dv lottery 2013 in eu but i think I made ​​a mistake.. i put in middle name my father name.but in my passaport is only my name ,surname. And in KCC i send the same with middle name father name. i want to know it's issue when i go to interview? Thank's a lot
  19. superkew

    superkew Registered Users (C)

    Thanks Sm1smom, I emailed them to enquire about it too.

    Some of the information will be different on the forms if I re-submit, and I am worried about that. It's minor things like work experience, residential durations etc.

    I assume I don't need to fill in an entire DS230 for our baby, most of the information in there would be completely empty.

    So it's a matter of emailing the updated information, and then sending it to them via DHL so that they have new hard copies.
  20. eyasu

    eyasu New Member


    guys i also have problem when i sent ma document to KKC i sent a wrong E-mail and postal code that why i couldn't receive any message or information from KKC what shall i do plzzzzzz tell me something
    also i sent through DHL how can i get a delivered notification

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