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DV 2013 Program-Online Registration October 4 - NOV 2ND, 2011.

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by Mele, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Mele

    Mele Registered Users (C)

    The online registration period for the 2013 Diversity Visa Program (DV-2013) will begin on Tuesday, October 4, 2011, at noon, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) (GMT-4), and conclude on Wednesday, November 2, 2011, at noon, Eastern Standard Time (EST) (GMT-5). Check back later for the DV-2013 instructions, which are not yet available.
    DV2013 is actually happening as against some users’ assumption esp. Windv.
    So NON-SELECTEES SHOULD START BRACING UP THEMSELVES FOR DV2013 mayb to register in the first days, middle or last days of registration..DV2013 will be somehow be glitch free except if they are morons that wouldn’t learn from past mistakes...

    Gud luck all..
  2. Mele

    Mele Registered Users (C)

    @ Jayo2k: I can c u online....Welcum back pal after weeks of disappearance. Krit Amin declaration has actually made us know how d lottery drawing goes....Am making alot research now on ‘favoured days’ of registration......
  3. Obama

    Obama Registered Users (C)


    Men let forget about the past and focus on dv2013,so i am registering on the first day by the grace of God.
  4. sally2010

    sally2010 Registered Users (C)

    Me too,since for 2011 I registered towards the end,and in 2012 I registered in mid October.
  5. bouyantee

    bouyantee Registered Users (C)

    Once you are through with your research,be kind enough to tell is the favoured days of registration. After winning 1st of may and not selected July,i am kinda worried to apply in the first 2 days. I am looking forward to glitch free DV-2013
  6. verdite

    verdite Registered Users (C)

    I hope this time there won't be any glitches. This time I will be selected by the grace of God.
  7. Mele

    Mele Registered Users (C)

    Preceding DV 2011, we cud not ascertain the days being favoured because ESC was not used by then.

    DV2011 Oct 2 – Nov 30th,, 2009 (60 day registration): Nov. ending mostly favoured Africa winners. U can check DV2011 winners signature(s). DV2011 Australia, Asia winners are mostly October. But towards Nov. ending favoured Africa region.

    DV 2012 October 5 – Nov 3rd, 2010 registration: Oct 5 & 6 mostly favoured but cancelled due to publicity.

    DV 2012 -2nd result - folks dont wanna share but few 2nd draw winner from Nigeria registered on Nov 2nd(last few days) & won...user: Edugie & co...........
    Asia nationals hu r currently in US are gr8ly favoured...

    DV2013 – hu knoz!!

    Personally, i don’t think i’ll register in the first few days because i somewhat av an ill-feeling that since the first 2days selection led to the outright cancellation of May 1st result, all eyez will be focus on d first few days worldwide...... i was now THINKING that if they’ll even made another mistakes in 2013, they will at least try to avoid the first 2 days selection so as to avoid DIRECT re-occurrence of DV 2012 fiasco. To me, DV2012 initial result was intentional. I think that’s how they’ve been doing. They only voided it due to leak-out this time around.

    I will just play gamble on the 30 day registration & select 1 spiritually. Gud luck 2me :confused:....

    Also to consider is that KCC testify they r using diff. Randomizer software 4 DV 2012 upwards, so all this point of mine might be POINT BLANK for future DV’s.

    So only God knows.................But it’s PURELY BASE ON LUCK......

    NB. This is just a PERSONAL OPINION.
  8. Mele

    Mele Registered Users (C)

    My photo never conforms to ALL the requirements for DV lottery.

    Since DV 2009, av been using a paid services (usagcls.com) just to ensure a hitch-free registration + photo requirement + US IP. I later notice (2 weeks ago)that my photo doesn’t conform well & my DV2010 passport even av a shadow...those dude (usagcls) didn’t reject & notify me of the non-compliance. They just submitted it like that.....

    This time around, i manage to read over travel.state warnings & d mistakes are noted & i’ll submit myself....i will just make sure i masked my IP before applying so as to avoid this issue of mass deletion from thesame IP( as some users proclaim) as a way 4 ‘em (KCC) to detect Agents fraud. http://forums.immigration.com/showthread.php?324365-Winning-chances-dv-lottery

    It’s well noted that among the Countries with High Fraud Level (percent of entries which are illegitimate and therefore disqualified during selection process), 9igeria is among wit over 80%.. I won’t take any chance. Am using a mobile operator service with a static IP. That means all users of thesame mobile operator services will show the same IP throughout the country. So, i will avoid that whether it matters or not.
  9. Firi

    Firi Registered Users (C)

    Just an FYI, i applied on October 5th, was not selected in May results but was selected in July. So, in my opinion when you have applied does not really matter.
  10. Styles

    Styles Registered Users (C)

    With all the publicity the Dv has got,l think the number of applicants will be extremely high.So we may be looking at almost double the amount of applicants or something like that.And you all know what that means..
    It is also impossible to know the best days to apply.coz people notice these days after the results and they always keep shifting ,yearly.winning my friends is by luck .
  11. doveman

    doveman Registered Users (C)

    Still thinking
  12. win dv

    win dv Registered Users (C)

    Mele, my photo was not in strict conformity either. The background was medium gray and there were shadow on the side of my face. So can you imagine us being selected and tossed out because of the photo.....

    In addition, you mentioned that you have been using a paid service. Are you certain that they have deleted your information out of their database? If not, it can result in a double entry if you decide to sign up yourself. I hope that this hasn't happened to me. In 2007, I started to send my pictures and information to an agency for them to process. However, I believe that I have paid for 3 yrs (but can not remember if the payment went through successfully). Nevertheless, I've read somewhere that these agencies would submit unauthorized information to increase the chances of winning. This scenerio could be the reason why many persons have yet to win after playing for so many years.....
  13. Mele

    Mele Registered Users (C)

    Yop. U r undoubtedly right.

    In the areas of the paid company, actually my subscription covers till DV2013 but all what i did SINCE was to update ALL info in my account to Nil & upload a baby’s passport in replace of mine... Logically, they’ll know those info aren’t valid hence they won’t submit.

    Secondly, genuine paid company will ask for a new recent passport taken within the last six month to DV submission as required, hence they won’t submit unless u upload a new passport. So u won’t just submit the passport to them.

    On the issue of agency submitting without someone consent to increase chances, i think that will mostly happen with developing/third world countries visa agent. Due to the economic situation of those countries, they r prone to fraud.
    If ur paid agent is located in the US, it’ll be somewhat hard to do that knowing fully well that its damn easy to track their *** down & d penalty for them in aiding illegal immigrants will be far from reach. That’s purely human trafficking.

    @ WinDV: try to figure the site u register with/email used, logon to your account & discard all your info where necessary..... if they actually submitted on ur behalf, u’ll know in ur acct status. Dont take anychance cum DV2013.:)
  14. win dv

    win dv Registered Users (C)

    Hi Mele, well said! and thank you kind for you input. I will try to your suggestions as DV-2013 could well be the last...
  15. win dv

    win dv Registered Users (C)

    Hi went directly to DoS official website and do not see the information concerning DV-2013. Please double check (not from the link above that you have attached). Thanks
  16. joemusa

    joemusa New Member

    What drives me crazy about DV picture specifications is that, they have a mechanism for you to confirm whether your pic meet the DV standards or not before summiting your application. After their software confirms it to be good; why in the world there is more picture vetting down the road?
  17. win dv

    win dv Registered Users (C)

    Excellent point.....
  18. Mele

    Mele Registered Users (C)


    1. Nevertheless, i 99.9% DOUBT if that is a false info because they stated ‘Check back later for the DV-2013 instructions, which are not yet available’. They just give a General Overview just to notify the public. Soonest, the instruction will follow. Real facts about DV2012 is also stated there which is not disputed in anyway....

    2. Nothing can be AUTHENTIC about US immigration stuff more than the info on travel.state.gov (Parent site to dvlottery.state.gov) were u’ll even check may b ur DV case no(selectees) is current...

    3. Check the so called dvlottery.state.gov (ESC page), travel.state.gov is stated @ d page top. Dvlottery.state.gov cant put Dv2013 now because the instruction of DV2013 is not yet available, its only the submission period that’s made public. So when DV2013 instruction is available, they’ll definitively paste that on dvlottery.state.gov

    4. Link in travel.state.gov is http://travel.state.gov/visa/immigrants/types/types_1318.html & link in dvlottery.state.gov is http://travel.state.gov/visa/immigrants/types/types_1322.html.
    With both web address Fully the same, a diff of 1318 & 1322 can’t make the first link false..

    5. Check the submission period of dv2012 & dv2013 thru that link. It’s starting @ thesame month & only a day difference (DV2012 Oct. 5 & DV2013 Oct. 4). Both DV2012 & 2013 entry period coincidentally start on Tuesday & will end on Wednesday.

    So don’t even bother ursef a inch. The entry period for Dv2013 is authentic. dvlottery.state.gov (established bcos of visa lottery) is UNDER travel.state.gov...............................................................................................
  19. Arekee

    Arekee Banned

    @Mele what a terrific research from you?but onething i need to let you know about submission of entry is that you can anytime and gets selected most especially the last two days or middle period,i would suggest submission of entry by the LAST TWO or ONE DAYS.But i think some details needs to be change about applicants when submitting entry such details like postal addresses,email,and photo.All these needs to be change to a new one before submitting entry otherwise DOS will disqualify applicant for using thesame old photo and some details.Thats why you see most winners are first timer.
  20. Arekee

    Arekee Banned

    @Mele i wont be surprise to hear that DOS used IP address to judge Africans or even discriminate African from the selections or redrawer?what i see thisdays some had over 250 entries submitted from one IP and none seems to win,sometime you hear a case where some agents submits over 400 entries on different peoples still none seems to win,to me it maybe the IP, DOS must have used that against Africans or perhaps Asians,because DOS knows about these agents thing in africans and asians.I think the IP is what DOS may have used to discriminate african and selects the programed numbers of winners they need from africans but i may not be too sure or certain about these but guess?

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