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Driving License for H4 Visa holders in Illinois

Discussion in 'Issues Related to Obtaining Driver's License from ' started by moooonwalker, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. moooonwalker

    moooonwalker Registered Users (C)

    Can someone suggest how a H4 Visa holder can drive in Illinois. Currently H4 visa holders are denied SSN and DMV doesn't issue license without SSN. IDL is not valid in Illinois either.
  2. nkm-oct23

    nkm-oct23 Registered Users (C)

  3. moooonwalker

    moooonwalker Registered Users (C)

    Thanks NKM-oct23. This was exactly was i was looking for :)
  4. Karlshammar

    Karlshammar Registered Users (C)

    Re: Driver License

    As for the SSN requirement, bring your ID and legal presence documents to the SSA and get a letter from them saying that you are ineligible for a SSN. If they won't issue it or say they will only issue it if requested by the state, fill out an application for a SSN and turn it in with your documents. They will have to process it and deny it since you are ineligible, and then ask for a "Form SSA-L676 SSN Card Denial Notice" if they don't offer it to you automatically. This is official proof that you are ineligible for a SSN and will be accepted for your driver license.

  5. Karlshammar

    Karlshammar Registered Users (C)

    Once you have the "Form SSA-L676 SSN Card Denial Notice" it should be fine, because that's official proof that she's not eligible. I don't know about your State, but I have helped friends do it in California and it's always worked like a charm. One even got a DL when he was here on a tourist visa-waiver. :)

    Dunno if it works every time, though. Here in CA, the service you get at the DMV is highly dependent on who you talk to, and the supervisors aren't necessarily any better than the regular workers. I was lucky enough to find an expert at my local office and go to him every time. I was trying to get an endorsement for my license and the staff there refused to acknowledge that it even existed. It was in the Vehicle Code, the California Code of Regulations and in two of their publications which we looked at together. I had to come back 3 times, but the 4th time that guy handled my case, added my endorsement in 1 minute and then showed the rest of the staff how to do it.

    Sorry for the rambling, but my point is this: if at first you don't succeed, find another staff member. If it's still a no-go, find another office. :)

    Best of luck! Let us know how it goes.

  6. moooonwalker

    moooonwalker Registered Users (C)

    Hey Rahul,
    you need to take the SSN Denail Letter, passport showing that you atleast have 6 months left on the passport, utility Bills showing your current address as proof for Illinois Residency(better on H4 person's name). If you don't have any Utility bills on H4 person name take utility bills on your name and keep Marriage certificate handy(though they might not ask)
    When you go for Drive test make sure the H4 person has insurance on the car they drive. They are asking for a Insurance card on H4 person's name. but if you don't have time. Ask you insurance guys to fax those cards to you. would also be advisable if they can issue a letter that H4 person is an added driver on the card(though not compulsory just as a proof). Thats what I did and it worked for me. Finally a lil bit of freedom for H4s
    Best of Luck
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  7. talkative

    talkative Registered Users (C)

    Some enterprise-rent-a-car locations rent cars based on learners permit + home country drivers license. I rented a car, purchased liability, collision and personal accident insurance offered with the car rental. This was sufficient to get past the insurance requirements when I took the test many years ago.
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  8. Karlshammar

    Karlshammar Registered Users (C)

    Thanks for the good idea, talkative.

    Most of them will actually rent based on a home country driver license only - that's how tourists rent cars, and the insurance you get with the car will be enough for the DMV.

  9. talkative

    talkative Registered Users (C)

    thanks. i indicated the permit because one is not supposed to use home country license once a US drivers permit has been issued. so best get the car based on the permit, at least the time of going to driving test - if they won't rent on permit only, then have somebody with a license rent it and add your name + permit license number as an additional driver. i think an authorized driver gets all coverage of the purchased rental car insurance
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  10. moooonwalker

    moooonwalker Registered Users (C)

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  11. Karlshammar

    Karlshammar Registered Users (C)

    Were your immigration documents just issued? In that case, they simply might not have been entered into the computerized verification system and the DMV might be able to do it a few days later.

    I wouldn't know how long the DHS takes to respond. Back in '01 when a friend of mine applied for a DL in California, it took about 8 months, but that was before the online verification systems so the time should be considerably less now.

  12. moooonwalker

    moooonwalker Registered Users (C)

    I believe i read somewhere it should take approx less than 1 month to get the records entered. try one more time sometimes your wifes name should have been entered wrong. Also those who take the information at the counter are all new. i guess they are pretty new to this job at Chicago facility. those at rockford are little knowledge full.
  13. mjadala

    mjadala Registered Users (C)


    We went to Driving License Facility. We had passport, I-94 valid for 1+ year, utility bill, car insurance proof. All seemed OK till they started entering info in computer. They said they can not retrieve any info on computer for my spouse so they would have to request Dept of Homeland Security for more info. We as well as DMV will receive a letter from Homeland Security Dept for the next step in 5-10 days.

    I am not concerned about the letter from Homeland Security Dept. It must be a glitch on their part which caused the info to not appear. My concern is how long do they take to respond to such queries by Driving License Facility. We were told by DMV that it should take 5-10 days (I wouldn't put too much faith on their words). Sometimes you do everything right and still face situations like this.

    If anyone has faced this scenerio, please advise.


    Hi all,
    We had the same experience in Springfield, IL a few days ago.
    We are waiting for the letter from Dept of Homeland Security.

  14. implied

    implied New Member

    State Id for H4 visa holders

    My wife went to the state id(IL) office yesterday, they said she need a SSN. I knwo this is not possible, she went to the SSN office where they gave her a letter of denial. Anyone know how to convince the state id office that H4 dont get a SSN and can still get a state id. I think in their list of documents its the type C document which is missing. List of docs reqd-link below:

    Any ideas anyone ???

  15. niruas78

    niruas78 New Member

    Hi rahulp1 and mjdala...

    did ur spouses get a license yet? or are you still waiting on the letter from Department of Homeland Security? whats the deal... why cant they just simply issue a license...
    please let me know.... thanks!
  16. Shwank

    Shwank Registered Users (C)

    Hi Rahul,

    I will be applying for a TDL soon.

    How soon after ur spouses arrival to the U.S did you apply for the TDL ? and has she rcd the TDL after all the delays ? (Was it 5 to 10 days as told by the DMV or was it longer?)

  17. mjadala

    mjadala Registered Users (C)

    Got the letter from Immigration office

    Hi all,
    We got the letter from DMV saying that we got the clear from immigration services...to go ahead with the application.

    So, we went to the DMV for the written text....

    got the instruction permit..
  18. callmesangee

    callmesangee New Member

    Drivers License for H4 visa holders in Rockford, Illinois


    Iam currently in H4 visa in Illinois. I have taken the written test in Rockford centre in Illinois and obtained the driving permit and will be taking the road test soon.

    Can somebody, who has taken up road test before, give me tips regarding the same.Heard that they never issue License at the first attempt. is it true?

  19. thrix

    thrix Registered Users (C)

    I got my driver license in NYC at my first attempt!
  20. moooonwalker

    moooonwalker Registered Users (C)

    Well i Don't think thats true. if you can drive well you will get your license in First attempt. try driving on roads around the drivers facility before you take your test. be careful when you shift lanes. also don't go under speed or over speed. under speed can also be the reason for denial. when making a left turn make sure you yield. these are some of the key things you need to make sure you are good at. Also make sure you use the indicators when you turn left or right. best of luck!!

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