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Did Anyone receieve letter from NEWARK for PP Stamping ? May-15th Victim

Discussion in 'General I-485 and Related Issues' started by scgpr, May 29, 2002.

  1. scgpr

    scgpr Registered Users (C)

  2. d0wn4n0w

    d0wn4n0w Registered Users (C)

    May 15th Victim, went on May 22 again

    After hearing from my friends that they have started stamping, I went again this wed. But was turned down, because, guess what, they already have our FPs and I-94s, was told to come back only after we receive any farther notice. How foolish of them to get our finger prints and I-94! They could have sent us back to come back on a later wednesday. Now we are stuck. People who went this wednesday got PP stamped with necessary background check and no hassle. Ridiculous!
  3. gcFunWaiting

    gcFunWaiting Registered Users (C)

    Look at this

    jai surya1 "Newark INS Passport stamped (5/22/2002)" 5/23/02 10:29am
  4. scgpr

    scgpr Registered Users (C)

    Thanks for sharing. I was planning to go next week and try my luck

  5. scgpr

    scgpr Registered Users (C)

    d0wn4n0w , did they tell you when we can expect a letter from them ?

  6. dam_it

    dam_it Registered Users (C)

    Thanks a lot for the update

    In fact I was also thinking of going next wed.

    Did they tell you when can we expect so called letter of invitation from them.

    Somehow they did not take my I-94 and AP on 15th but did take FP.

    This is insane

    What is POA now??? just wait :(
  7. scgpr

    scgpr Registered Users (C)

    is there a way we can call them and find out the scoop ? wonder what arlinghton victims are doing

  8. Sher

    Sher Registered Users (C)

    I got nothing yet

  9. scgpr

    scgpr Registered Users (C)

    Lets keep this on top.

  10. Sher

    Sher Registered Users (C)


  11. d0wn4n0w

    d0wn4n0w Registered Users (C)

    I did ask them that question

    They couldn\'t answer how long it would take for them to send us a notification. Actually all our processings are done, barring the background security check, which they are doing on the spot for candiates now. So, this is just a mess up and we are unfortunate.
  12. d0wn4n0w

    d0wn4n0w Registered Users (C)

    I think you can try your luck again

    Unlike me, You have all the necessary papers with you, Approval, I-94, you can make copies of photographs and try again, they are so callous, they will surely process your case, but it is better to make sure that you tell them you came on 5/15. I would suggest you to go next week, it won\'t hurt(unless we get notifications by that time, see! I never lose hope and never learn!)
  13. d0wn4n0w

    d0wn4n0w Registered Users (C)


    Please post here as soon as you get any farther notification, that would give us, your fellow sufferrers, some hope against hope.
  14. gcsufferer02

    gcsufferer02 New Member

    Big Nuisance

    After waiting more than 6 hours, the IIO called the supervisor, and she turned down mercilessly, and asked us to wait for the phone-call/letter from them.
    I asked when can I expect the call? Answer was no definite time frame.
    This is how they treat immigrants...Unfortunately this is the country of immigrants...

    By the way they stamped the new persons Today(except May 15th victims), after security check, which was done in
  15. scgpr

    scgpr Registered Users (C)

    This is crazy. what have we done wrong ?

  16. scgpr

    scgpr Registered Users (C)

    maybe we should pressure them by going there once a week!!

  17. Sher

    Sher Registered Users (C)

    Guys lets just wait, I so tired from this stuff

    Guys lets just wait, I so tired from this stuff
  18. waitinglong

    waitinglong Registered Users (C)

    I am an Arlington victim!

    status-quo since May 20! Don\'t know when to expect the phone call/mail from them. Atleast, Newark started stamping now. No word on Arlington yet!

    All the best, guys! you\'ll all be stamped by the end of next week!
  19. waitinglong

    waitinglong Registered Users (C)

    there are atleast 3 more Arlington victims like me from the posts! EOM

  20. gcsufferer02

    gcsufferer02 New Member

    Nobody works for us!!!

    Guys, I think it\'s better to go to REMIND them.
    Otherwise how long will we wait? Who will give priority for our cases?

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