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deportation or face state charges after serving federal sentence?

Discussion in 'Exclusion or Removal from USA' started by CalGreenCard, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. CalGreenCard

    CalGreenCard Registered Users (C)

    How would the following situation play out? A LPR--who is a citizen of Cuba--is serving time in a federal prison which "specializes" in pre-deportation cases. That is, this federal prison does not house any US citizen prisoners but houses only non-citizens who are expected to be deported after serving their sentences. Their inmates are typically transferred to an ICE detention center to await their deportation after serving their sentences.

    What happens, though, if an inmate in such a prison also has an outstanding warrant on state charges in a state other than the one where the federal prison/detention center is located? Will they be deported immediately or will they be extradited (within the US) to the other state to face the state charges?

    Note that in this particular situation, I am one of the victims of the person I am referring to, so I'm not necessarily cheering for a happy outcome for this person, even though in general when I post here I am supportive of immigrants, being one myself. But I'm curious as to the answer.

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