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Dentist License Leading To GreenCard Or Citizenship!?

Discussion in 'Medical Professionals - OTHER than Physicians or P' started by Ali Murtaza, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Ali Murtaza

    Ali Murtaza Registered Users (C)

    Hello !

    I Am A Dentist Graduated From Dental School Other Than The United States And Canada. Dentists Who Have Graduated From Non-Accredited Dental Schools (Dental Schools Other Than The United States And Canada) And Who Wish To Practice As Licensed Dentists Inside United States
    Have To Undergo At least Two years Of Additional Dental Education (Advanced Standing Program) And After Passing State Licensure Examination Of Any Of The States Of united States They Are Eligible To Practice As Licensed Dentists In That State Of America.

    I Want To Ask That If I Passed Dentist Licensing Examination Of Any Of The States Of United States Of America Then On The Basis Of That License Would I Be Able To Become Eligible For Any U.S. VISA CATEGORY That May Ultimately Lead Me To Have GreenCard Or Become U.S. Citizen, As It Is Mentioned On The U.S. Immigration Website That "One Is Not Able To Change His Or Her Status From Student Visa To Work Visa Even If That Is The Education That He Or She Gained In America."

    Ali Murtaza.
  2. great guru

    great guru Volunteer Moderator

    Getting a licensure does not lead automatically to a Green card.

    First you have find a employer, who can sponser you for an H1 to start working with them. Mean time they have to file labor certification and sponser you for a green card like any other computer programmers.

    Nowadays getting into 2yrs international DDS progrmm becaming very very competiive and you must score very high scores in Part I & II to get admission and have sufficent fune $40-70k per year for fees.


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