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Delay in getting Drivers License in Ca

Discussion in 'Issues Related to Obtaining Driver's License from ' started by rcsura, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. rcsura

    rcsura Registered Users (C)

    Last year I moved from NewYork to LosAngeles Area, CA
    I485 approved: Sep 30 2004
    Got my Green card to my CA address in Oct 2004

    I Applied for CA Drivers license on Nov 24,2004. DMV personnel punched on expiration date on my NY license and gave me a temporary license.
    So far I've not yet recieved my license Id card. its more than 8months I'm on Temporary license. When ever I called DMV they say they've not yet recieved any proof confirmation from Department of Homeland Security.

    Since its more than 180 days they advise me to followup the Main office @ sacramento. Per request of DMV personnel @ Sacramento I've faxed the Copies front and Back side of my GreenCard same on May 14th and followed after 3 weeks. But its still in verification. Last week when I called they advised me to fax the copy with image in large size which I did.

    Its real frustating for me. I did appy for update on my Social Security Card. SSA was able to verify my status within 2 weeks and I got the replacement Card within 3 week. But I dont know why its taking so long for DMV of CA to verify status with INS.

    Can any one let me know if they had similar experiences
  2. DesiChap

    DesiChap Registered Users (C)

    Welcome to the Black Hole in Kaliphornia
  3. john316

    john316 Registered Users (C)

    Hey! Just want to ask if you have already received your CA-DL Card?

    I'm still waiting for mine to arrive and my Temporary Drivers License is only valid for 90 days. Hopefully, I would be able to receive it on time. Kindly update this post please regarding your situation.

    Thanks a lot!

    PS: I heard a lot of stupid things going on with CA-DMV!!! Dang!
  4. kst1

    kst1 Registered Users (C)

    CA-temp. license

    Seems Like I am in the same boat. Moved from NY to CA recently and applied for my CA driver's license. Its been 2 months on my temporary license now and I have another month to go before that expires. I am on H-1B at the moment. Hope the CA license shows up soon.

    john316: Whta have you heard about the CA DMV?
  5. john316

    john316 Registered Users (C)

    Hey! Haven't received any CA-DL card yet. It seems like CA-DMV is not doing their job. Hmmmm! I'm still waiting for it till now and will update this post once I get it.

    Update this post too, ok! Thanks! :)
  6. john316

    john316 Registered Users (C)

    any update on this? thanks! ;)
  7. kst1

    kst1 Registered Users (C)

    Sorry, nothing at my end. I have 20 days to go before my temp. expires. I might call the CA DMV 1-800# and check up on this.
  8. kst1

    kst1 Registered Users (C)

    Here is the update- I called the CA DMV (1-800 #) and was told that my DL has not been issued because they havent heard back from DMV Legal Presence Unit. So, I called that office up- its in Sacramento (916-657-7445) and talked with a lady about my case. She said that there was some problems with my documents ( something about my stay in US expiring in 2 months) and that was why no DL. This of course is not the case and I faxed over my H-1 approval with the I-94# to her as proof. She is now going to talk with USCIS and get this sorted out. She promised to get back to me in a week's time or I'll call her back. If there are still further delays, I think one can extend the temp. permit.
    So, I'll suggest you to call DMV and check the status of your DL. Hope this helps. Its just more hassle at every step for lawful non-immigrants.
  9. nc_ln2000

    nc_ln2000 Registered Users (C)


    I am in the same boat and i spoke to lady at DMV and she told me that, it is just under processing time range (but i am waiting for DL since 4 months). She also told me, till 1 year is normal waiting time.

    she told me, because they have to go through all of our foreign documents to issue this Driver Licence (DL). I have applied DL with H1 visa and now i got Green card,so i told same to her, then she told me to submit the copy of the card, so that we can get the Driver Licence without expiration date--

    any body has similar experience.

    hen i have tried to reach the above number (Sacremento), but too busy.

  10. john316

    john316 Registered Users (C)

    Thanks for the update KST1!

    I hope we would all be able to get our DL card soon. I haven't called DMV yet as I still have 2 more months on my Temporary Drivers License. But if its passed 6 weeks already I would have to call DMV-CA asap.

    I'll update this post too....Goodluck!

  11. nc_ln2000

    nc_ln2000 Registered Users (C)

    Thanks Kst1; Received CA DL in a week

    Dear Kst1

    Thanks for your post. I have called the above number and got fax number from DMV office. Then i Faxed my green card documents last friday and today i got my Drivers Licence.
    thanks for your help.
  12. kst1

    kst1 Registered Users (C)

    For John 316:

    Have you received your DL yet? I havent but I have renewed my temp for another 3 months. I have faxed my I-797 a couple of times to Sacramento and even talked with them. They are waiting to hear from USCIS. Same BS!!
  13. john316

    john316 Registered Users (C)

    For KST1

    Haven't received my DL either. I've called DMV's 1800# last week and they transferred my call over to their Legal Presence Unit-Sacramento. They told me that they are still waiting for the approval from the Department of Homeland and Security regarding my legal status. I even mentioned if I could just fax all the necessary documents to them just to prove that I’m legal, but they told me to wait till October 24th. I only have 3 weeks to go before my Temporary License expires or else I have to renew it.

    Crossing my fingers that my DL card shows up before the 24th.

    Good luck!

    PS: Anyone who has the same experience. Kindly update this post. Thanks a lot!
  14. john316

    john316 Registered Users (C)

    for kst1

    any update??? thanks!
  15. kst1

    kst1 Registered Users (C)

    No update. But I am also not worried about it. Its not worth the headache. It will arrive one day. As long as DMV renews the temp and I can use my NY license as photo ID, I dont care. I have never seen such a broen down system as USCIS and this is such a minor thing like DL.
  16. john316

    john316 Registered Users (C)

    Welcome to California! Goodluck! :)
  17. rcsura

    rcsura Registered Users (C)

    Finally I got the licence Id couple of months back.. I followed up the Sacramento office and they said since it was more than 180 days one of the representive asked me to fax my Green Card (Both sides in Enlarged image format) and advised she'd get me the answer within a week.. I followed up after 1 week and initially she advised that they are still waiting for reply from USCIS..But when I told her about my last call with other representative she verified and addvised that that they got reply from 2 days back from USCIS and finaly I got the ID in mail with in a week
  18. kst1

    kst1 Registered Users (C)

    My CA driver's license finally arrived last Friday, about 5 months since I applied for it. It is good till the date on my valid H-1B.
  19. DaeDaex2

    DaeDaex2 New Member

    Driver ED Online vs. Class

    Hi, yalls! Im working on this project trying to find out how people are taking driver education. Post a comment, suggestion, or opinion. Thanks!!:eek: your input is greatly apreciated.

    <<< back when i took my drivers license it was in a classroom for 3 of my weekends. Now, new drivers get the chance to take these classes online at there own time and pace. NOT FAIIRR!!!:(:(

    Popular website : California Drivers Ed - Driversed.com
  20. Evil_DMV_Dude

    Evil_DMV_Dude New Member

    ****EDIT: I now see the original topic was posted back in 2005. My apologies for responding. Nontheless, I'll leave my post as is--just in case.********

    Hi, peops!

    Yes, I'm really a DMV dude. The evil part is just an embellishment. However, my feelings won't be hurt if you address me as such.:)

    I'm rushing this, so bare with me. Spelling errors and confusion were not intended:

    I work in one of the Sacramento field offices where I process applications for DLs, IDs and registration eight hours of the day. I've been doing this for a little over nine years.

    Just a few things right off.

    On your receipt, where it says you'll receive your licence/ID in approximately 60 days...

    Absolute, 100% BS. It states 60 days merely to keep people from calling or coming into the field offices to inquire about their license/ID. The aim is to not overburden the wait times/lines.

    Someone who has already had a license and is simply coming in to renew, or someone who is a citizen and is applying for the first time--they'll typically get their license in a week or two. Now if you're a resident alien or of the Asylum/Refugee/Parolee status, there's no telling how long the wait can be, but it's usually much quicker than those who hold Employment Authorization cards or I-94s only. Speaking from experience--as I see people coming up to me all the time simply to inquire about their application.

    When you bring in your immigration documents, they are verified by two employees. The employee who keys in your application has to copy the immigration documents relevant to your application. These copies are sent to our Legal Presence unit, and thereafter to the Feds for "Secondary Verification." Before that, though, during the keying of your application, if there is no "hit" on the applicable "A" or "I" number, the system will flag the application and explicitly require "secondary verification." This means the DMV hasn't received an "electronic" confirmation of the applicant's residence status. Quite common, especially among those who don't hold green cards. If there is no hit--if secondary verification is required--the wait can be quite a long one.

    Sixty, 90, or 120 day extensions can be issued in the field offices. If one year passes since you first applied, you will have to return to the field office to reapply. Bring in all of your original documents, fill out another application, and they'll need to retake your photo. (No tests or fees, though.)

    One error that I see my fellow DMV employees occasionally make is keying in the "I" or "A" number incorrectly, keying the wrong expiration date from the document, or keying in the wrong document code. (Resident Alien cards are one code; Certificate of Naturalization another; and so on.)

    One other very important thing to keep in mind: The name on your DL application, your immigration document, and your Social Security card should all match. Some cultures (Vietnam, for instance) use the last name first, first name last. Sometimes this gets keyed in as such by immigration officials, and then maybe differently by SSA.

    If the wait has been many months since finalizing your application and you want to be certain no one screwed up keying in your info, either call (see the alternate number below) or come in to a field office and ask that someone pull up your record to verify that the BD/LP document code, document number, and document expiration date have all been keyed correctly.

    A simple as the task may seem, you'd be surprised how intricate the procedure is, and how simply a mistake can be made.

    An alternate telephone number to inquire about your license status is (916) 657-7790. This is DMV headquarter's Issuance Unit. Where your licenses are "issued" out of.

    Have a good day, all!
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