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Countries that don't require a visa if you have US green card?

Discussion in 'Life After The Green Card' started by deena_etc, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. deena_etc

    deena_etc Registered Users (C)

    Does anyone know a list of countries that an Indian citizen with a US green card can visit without gettting a visitor visa stamp? The only ones I know of are Canada and Switzerland..anyone else know of others?

  2. sadiq

    sadiq Registered Users (C)

  3. Superstring

    Superstring Registered Users (C)

    Generally, Mexico, Canada, Carribian Countries and Switzerland offer visa-free enterance for GC-holder.

    BUT, It depends on your current citizenship. Keep in mind that your citizenship is the number#1, and then green card is #2. For example, Switzerland does not allow Sierra Leone's citizens with GC to enter visa-free.

    This was already discussed here. For the most comprehensive and update info on this subject matter, you can look at Delta web site.

    Go here to the Delta international travel documentation tool:


    Enter all your info and it will tell you what you need. It's a great tool. The airlines use it to make sure they are carrying passengers with proper papers because they are heavily fined by most countries if they do not.
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  4. deena_etc

    deena_etc Registered Users (C)

    Thanks for the response guys and the link too :)
  5. GotPR?

    GotPR? Registered Users (C)

    I think Sierra Leone thing is very special case. Probably it's in politically trouble now.
    Most of the nationals with GC does not need a visa.

    This is the link to Swiss embassy.

    U.S. Green Card Holders:
    No visa is required for foreigners who have a valid U.S. green card (Permanent Resident Card, form I-551) and a valid national passport for tourism, visits, business or medical treatment for a stay up to 90 days. Both documents (passport and green card) must be valid at least 3 months after leaving Swiss territory.
    Please note that the passport stamp "processed for I-551" is not considered a green card and that general visa requirements would apply in that case. The same rule also applies for the "Notice of Action" (Form I-751) and the "Authorization for Parole" (Form I-512).

    Visa requirements for Refugees holding a blue Refugee Travel Document or a new green BCIS-issued "Refugee Travel Document" (Form I-571):

    Green Card Holders do not require a visa.

    A visa will be required in the following cases:

    * work, business (a planned stay of more than 8 days)
    * study, visit, tourism (a planned stay of more than 3 months)

    Please note: Switzerland does not accept and recognize the white "Permit to Reenter the United States" or the new green BCIS-issued "Permit to Reenter" (Form I-327).

    Special visa regulations exist for the following countries:

    Afghanistan, Burundi, Iraq, Liberia, Myanmar
    Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Zimbabwe.

    Visa applications must be submitted at least 3 - 4 weeks before departure.
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  6. kalyanij

    kalyanij Registered Users (C)

    Linky not worky.

  7. Superstring

    Superstring Registered Users (C)

  8. rajmash

    rajmash Registered Users (C)

    indian passport with GC - still need a visa to DR

    hey guys

    i just came back from domincan republic

    i have an indian passport and GC. u still need a visa to go to domincan republic

    so dont go blindy by carribean - go to the delta website to make sure there is no issue.

    i got a visa in a week and a half -costs $120 - but easy to get!!
    no problem - u still need to take ur greencard with you to come back and keep it very very safe

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