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Citizenship Oath Ceremony in Boston

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by sk686, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. sk686

    sk686 Registered Users (C)

    I completed my Citizenship Oath Ceremony today in Boston, and became a Naturalized US Citizen. I have the Naturalization Certificate now, and will be applying for my passport tomorrow. I'll provide details soon about the experience!

    :) :) :)
  2. GeorgeF

    GeorgeF Registered Users (C)


    You lucky ba.....d:D
  3. sk686

    sk686 Registered Users (C)

    Thanks GeorgeF.

    It's only a matter of time, and you'll be a Citizen too.

    I do have some important information about the Oath letter and the ceremony, especially for shaky.

    So, wait for my details.
  4. sk686

    sk686 Registered Users (C)


    In the back of the Naturalization Oath Appointment letter, there are several questions you have to answer.

    These refer to changes in circumstances that happened between the Citizenship Interview and the Naturalization Oath Ceremony. For example marriage, divorce, arrests, traffic tickets etc.

    Since you got a traffic ticket after your Citizenship interview, you'll have to mention that in the back of the Oath letter, and bring the tickets and proof of payment to the Oath ceremony. Although, I haven't seen anyone being asked to provide any traffic tickets or proof of payment during the Oath ceremony, it's safer for you to bring that.

    It's also advisable to fill up the back of the Oath Appointment letter before you come to the ceremony. That way, you can take more time, and fill it accurately and neatly.

    I have been very busy, since I'll be moving this weekend. But as soon as I have time, I'll post my detailed Oath ceremony experience.

    One good thing (among others) about being a US Citizen, is that I don't have to report my change of address to BCIS, ever again! :)

    Also, another thing that may be of interest to you, is that during the Boston Oath Ceremony, a BCIS employee requested the Federal Judge to grant name changes to 116 people, and the Judge granted it. And then, that same Judge granted Citizenship to all 397 of us, in Faneuil Hall.

    So, in the case of Boston, the name change is done at the same time, by the same Judge, during the Naturalization Oath Ceremony. First the Judge grants the name change to those who requested it, then he grants Citizenship to all the applicants.

    Faneuil Hall is basically turned into (or given the status of) a Federal Court room, while the Federal judge is there. Then the name changes and Citizenships are granted. Just before the Judge leaves, a person announces, "The Court is Adjourned".
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  5. Priya_23

    Priya_23 Registered Users (C)

    question for sk686


    congratulations on becoming a citizen! Did you have your oath ceremony the same day you went for the interview? Please write
    your experience since you went for the interview and the timeline as well.

  6. sk686

    sk686 Registered Users (C)

    Thanks Priya.

    No. BCIS Boston Office does not hold Oaths the same day the interviews are held. That's more common in the Newark, New Jersey BCIS office.

    My application was approved right in front of me, and my interviewing adjudication officer put the red "APPROVED" seal on my application, right in front of me. She could have easily given me the Oath that day. But the Boston office does not do that. Instead, I was given an Oath appointment letter right after the interview.

    The Citizenship Oaths are held at Faneuil Hall in Boston, which is a Historic Hall where the Founding Fathers of the US, held meetings in the early days of the nation. The BCIS Office in Boston is in a seperate building from Faneuil Hall, a few blocks away.

    My timeline and detailed interview experience are posted here:


    You should get used to doing searches in the forum. You may find out that the answers to most of your questions, may have already been posted.

    Good luck!
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  7. shaky

    shaky Registered Users (C)



    Thanx alot for ur detailed experience. I was kinda confused how this name change is done... but now its clear.

    Thank u and take care..

    And enjoy ur Blue crisp passport when u recieve it.


    MNDESHI Registered Users (C)

    Could you please let us know about your oath experience. Like how long is the wait. Do they take away your green card? Do you get your certificate in the mail later? please post your experience!!
  9. zazza

    zazza New Member

    Had my Oath Ceremony today at the Mechanics Hall, Worcester, MA.It was hot today, 93F in Worcester, and we had to stand outside for like an hour before they let us through the narrow doors of Mechanics Hall. It was worse than in the airport line, no place to seat. I am 7 months pregnant and didn't feel well, so I asked the person at the door, old moron with the name tag "Bob Kennedy", to let me go through - because certain sitting areas and guests could go through freely at that time - and he told me to wait, and added "I hope you don't have a baby today". And that's despite the fact that it says clearly on uscis website "...(1) Establish Effective Ceremony Check-In Procedures . Each District Director and Officer in Charge should establish an efficient process to check in applicants on the day of the ceremony. Accommodations should be made during check-in for candidates for citizenship and guests with disabilities or who are pregnant...."I must say, that heat didn't do me or my baby any good and that is probably the main thing that I will remember about my Oath Ceremony at the Mechanics Hall, Worcester, MA.

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