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Citizenship Interview and Background Check

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by cma04, Aug 7, 2004.

  1. cma04

    cma04 New Member

    I recently had my Citizenship interview. I was told that a decision can not be made because some national security background check G-325 is pending. The interviewer said this background check is done in your country of origin, in my case pakistan. Does anyone have any experience what is it and how long it takes.
  2. shaky

    shaky Registered Users (C)

    Yes one of my friend who had interview in 2003 feb , his interviewer also told him G-325 check. and he became citizen in jan 2004. he was also from pakistan. i guess this check is done only on Muslim country nationals. but i am not too sure.
    CMA04. can u plz kindly post which state u had interview and what examiner asked u during interview... and what documents he needed. in other words plz post ur interview experience.it will be help ful to others.
    Thank you.
  3. sarina

    sarina Registered Users (C)

    is this done for males only?
  4. shaky

    shaky Registered Users (C)

    Yes i think so.. for males..because females seem to clear their n 400 process quite quickly than males. Female's case can be delayed too but thats in case of lost file or regular lazyness of INS professionals. but as far as security checks are...females are quite blessed.
  5. cma04

    cma04 New Member

    As suggested by Shaky, here is my interview experience. My interview was in NY City. I am muslim male of pakistani origin. The examiner went through my application and confirmed all the information. He was very polite and friendly. Asked me for my passport and went thru my travel records. Then he asked a few standard questions about US history. And told me I have passed the test. But I have to wait for a decision since my background check is pending. I asked him what is this background check. He said its called G-325 background check and he has checked the computer before I came in and my status was pending. I asked him how long will it take for this check to be complete. He did not know and asked me to call the service line if I dont hear from them in three months. He said it is not under their control, the check is being done in Pakistan and all he knows is that INS computer will be updated once it is complete. I was out in less than 10 minutes.

    Shaky .. what state your friend was in?
  6. shaky

    shaky Registered Users (C)

    Cma.... He is from NY as well but he had interview in Garden City office. Long Island.

    Dont worry about it, his check was cleared, although he waited for many months. I think its for males who are less then 35 years of age. but that is only a guess. I would say . wait as examiner said for 3 months, i am sure u will get oath letter in that time period. Its a election year so they might be trying to expedite this process. but who knows....

    And as u mentioned ur interview was in NYC??? manhattan??? 26 federal Plaza????

    and did examiner ask u for tax retuns? and did u file on 5 years basis or 3 years base married with USC spouse.???

    Thank you.
  7. choyty

    choyty Registered Users (C)

    Hi Cma04,
    Could you please post your time line? I am also from NYC, and waiting for interview. Thanks

  8. hm11

    hm11 Registered Users (C)

    First of all good luck w/your oath letter. I am sure you will get it and I hope you get it soon. My question to you is;

    Did you fill out form G-325 along with N-400 or the USCIS is doing themselve? I think G-325 is a Biographic data form.

    Another thing I would like to say that it all depends on individual cases (regardless of gender) and interviewing officers to clear the cases of pending N-400. I don't think so that males get more secruitny then females. I know where one female waited over two years to get the oath letter. I also read in this forum where female candidates waited more then men (for example: http://boards.immigrationportal.com/showthread.php?t=137479). I think it is a combination of name which matters. I have no hard data to support this argument but based on the experience I can say that gender does not matter.

    Anyway good luck to you and please keep everyone posted with the latest.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 9, 2004
  9. PRUSA

    PRUSA Registered Users (C)


    CIA does not deal with US residents. Once you are permanent resident FBI takes care of you. FBI does have overseas offices and it does conduct operations abroad.
  10. cma04

    cma04 New Member

    I did not fill out a G-325 form for my n400 application. I am surprised too that he said G-325 check. Anybody know what this check involves? How do I contact CIA or FBI to check any progress on my case. Or would it be appropriate to try contacting the US Embassy in Pakistan?

    Shaky .. Did not ask for any documents except my passport. Interview was at federal plaza and I applied on the 5 year basis.

    Choyty .. here is my timeline, applied dec 2002, FP:02/03/03, Received Interview Letter 3/9/04, Interview 06/03/04.
  11. hm11

    hm11 Registered Users (C)

  12. ibm101

    ibm101 Registered Users (C)

    Hey welcome to the oath waiting forum

    My case just like yours. I have a common muslim nale (last name). My details are as follows:

    PD Jan., 2003
    FP Apeil, 2003
    Interview July, 2003
    Name check clear 11th Feb., 2004 (took an year)

    Finally after sending several letters to different senators (both Federal & state) took the extreme step of filing a 'motion to calendar' a suit through my lawyer (in the bay area). The earliest date I get is in November so lets see what happens.
  13. shaky

    shaky Registered Users (C)


    we both had our interviews in July 2003. and to this day no citizenship. passed test and recommended for approval. this must be a joke. this sux.
    i know ur frustration. in whole process its very easy to wait until u pass interview... after interview u just want ur oath and thats it.

    keep us update with ur progress ibm. best wishes.
  14. ibm101

    ibm101 Registered Users (C)

    I will shaKy inform u of the proceedings

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