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Citizen applying I-130 for minor sibling

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by Curie, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. Curie

    Curie Registered Users (C)

    I've become a citizen recently. My sister in not in US, she is unmarried and has not yet crossed 21 years.

    Will she be automatically invited to US along with my parents, if I apply I-130 for them. Or do I have to file an application for her also.

    If I have to apply separately then will the process be delayed upto 12 years(just like a sibling above 21years of age). or will she be given a priority and invited along with my parents.

    As u know,(parents, spouse, and children of an american citizen get the first priority) and the process can be within 6-9 months.

    any suggestions in this question will help. thank you
  2. Pinturicchio

    Pinturicchio Registered Users (C)

    She's going to have to wait for 10+ years, just like any other sibling (over 21 or under 21 doesn't matter in this category).

    Or you can sponsor your parents, wait for them to become citizens, and then they can apply for her as an immediate relative which gives her a visa number immediately. That'll take somewhere around 7-8 years, but only works if your sister remains under 21 until then.

    HTH :)
  3. Curie

    Curie Registered Users (C)


    thanx for the reply.

    IS it not so, that when a sibling gets her greencard all her dependants (children under 21) and the spouse get the same benefit.

    In the same manner I tend to sponsor my mother a immediate relative, but she has an obligation to take care of her dependant. so I think Family reunion is the basic principle under I-130

    Please clarify, if u are aware of this....(or guide me to a forum that can answer this)

    Does US consider the dependants also when they sponsor a greencard to a person. (obviously it seems like like that, isnt it?) Or does it expect the greencard holder to leave their dependants and fly to US.?

    IF u have read anynews or answers relating to this, pls forward me to that link.
    thanks once again.
  4. Pinturicchio

    Pinturicchio Registered Users (C)

    Immediate relatives confer no derivative status to their dependents. You can't sponsor your mother, and then bring along all your brothers and sisters under 21 with her. It's not how it's done.

    Relatives in other categories get to share the benefit with their spouses and children. Immediate relatives don't.

    You can rest assured what I'm telling you is true.
  5. Curie

    Curie Registered Users (C)


    you sound very firm on that issue, thats bad news for me.

    So, I rather not waste any time and apply first for my sister for the countdown.(is it taking 12 years) like someone said?

    thank you
  6. laxdef14

    laxdef14 Registered Users (C)

    Well the 12 year waiting period depends on which country your family belongs to. And you can apply for your mother too, as well as your sister and she can get be applied by your parents when they get their green cards.

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