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Child of E2 getting a social security number

Discussion in 'General E-1, E-2 and E-3 Visas and Related Issues' started by mackeroo, May 30, 2006.

  1. mackeroo

    mackeroo New Member

    Hi, my parents hold E2 visas and I am their 18 year old son. We have Canadian citizenship, and we have been living in California for about 5 years. I have applied for a social security number numerous times, but I haven't succeeded. I need the social security number now especially because I need to apply for special services and possibily get a job in college. Can someone please tell me how I can get my ssn or if it is even possible. Also, I heard that I can apply for a student visa in college which is going to start this coming september and obtain my ssn through that. Please tell me if there are any other methods of obtaining an ssn or if getting a student visa is even a possibility. Thank you in advance.
  2. Theone

    Theone Registered Users (C)

    F1 is the Student Visa, speak to the appropriate people at you College who deal with International Students.

    You can not work, you do not have authorisation to work.
  3. irachka

    irachka Registered Users (C)

    What type of visa do you have? if you're under your parents then no way in heaven you can get SSN, but if your paperwork and current visa is up-to-date then you can change status. Apply for student visa.. then you will get everything.. SNN etc.. BUT in order to work (in the school) you need to have an authorization, for that the school can help you. Just follow the rules.

    First find out about your visa and if you're legally here (from your parents) and then go to your school and find out everything you got to come up with in order to apply for that F1 visa. Move quickly because there is a timeline for that type of registration in schools.


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