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Certified copies of arrest record

Discussion in 'Criminal Convictions and Act' started by gcuser1, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. gcuser1

    gcuser1 Registered Users (C)

    Hello again,
    I got a DUI in 2005. How would I get certfied copies of the arrest report? I have got the certfied copies court disposition. I called the Police Department and they told they would not give the certified copies. I saw in other posts some people did get the certified copies of arrest report.
    If anybody did that please share with me.

  2. ricethinni

    ricethinni New Member

    certified court docs

    You have to call the county clerk( the county where you were arrested or your lawyer if you had one) and agree to pay the charges for mailing them to you
  3. gcuser1

    gcuser1 Registered Users (C)

    Thanks for the reply. I did call the court clerk and I got the Certified copies of Court disposition. They said they won't certify the Arrest report. I have the photo copies. I called the Police department, they also said we won't do the certified copies.
  4. guinness301

    guinness301 Registered Users (C)

    I'm thinking all they care about are certified copies of the dispostition, not the arrest report but I'm no expert.
  5. dafortycal

    dafortycal Registered Users (C)

    They don't need certified copies of the arrrest, just the outcome.
  6. stinger

    stinger Registered Users (C)

    Thank goodness.
    GCUSer, let me know how your case goes. I am in same situation. Applying for n-400 now.
  7. egobeta

    egobeta Registered Users (C)

    You do NOT need copy of arrest record, that is not most confusing phrase in the n400 application, all you need is court disposition and completion of outcome. That's was I needed for my successfully naturalization.
  8. stinger

    stinger Registered Users (C)

    Thx egobeta. What I submitted is below
    1) case file - which has dates when case -filed, -for what, -arraigned date, -plea of not guilty, -diversion completion, -order of dismissal and CLOSED.
    2) Court order which says 'judgment of dismissal with prejudice upon successful completion of DUII Diversion'

    This is in Oregon state, Hope above 2 docs are o.k?
    My only thing Doc[2] says '....upon successful completion of Diversion', I have No separate doc on Diversion - like all fees paid, completed, but doc[1] does says successfully completed. Hope that is o.k?
    Anyways Doc[2] I spre-dated to Doc[1] which implies that diversion was successfully completed, hence order of dismissal.

    Basically when started filling up the application looked like I have to send a bunch of docs for this,
    -but logically just Doc[1] seem to suffice, just wanted to sure that is the case?
    -Do I need to get any of below

    1) DMV records
    2) police record (no)

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