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case pending investigation...

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by Egoist, Sep 10, 2005.

  1. Egoist

    Egoist Registered Users (C)

    Hello, everybody! My wife is USC and we've been married for 2.5 years. We had our initial interview on June 15, 2005 after more than 2 years of waiting time. Officer could not approve our petition, beause he did not have our "original file" available... Everything else was fine. At least he told us it was fine. He said it may take some time before he can get this "original file". We've been waiting 2 more months and then we called our senator's office with request to help with our case. He sent us a letter stating that officer has 120 days to make a decision. What decision??? We called governor's office. Today we've got the following answer from governor's representative - our case is pending investigation... What investigation??? As far us I know FBI background check has been completed successfuly. Fingerprinting/biometrics has been done last year. Does anybody know what does this mean? We are very upset with another delay... If anybody has a similar situation or any advice, please reply... Thank you...
  2. Egoist

    Egoist Registered Users (C)

    Any suggestions, folks? Please, I need your opinions...
  3. QCO1

    QCO1 Registered Users (C)


    I am in the exact same situation. I had my interview last year and they told me that my case is under investigation in Atlanta from where my case was originally filed. I finally got a letter from the Senators office last month that my file has finally reached Baltimore. Now I have received another request from Baltimore to get my FP done again. Dont know if they are going to just approve the case or request for an interview again. Seems like a black hole.
  4. Egoist

    Egoist Registered Users (C)


    Thank you for your reply. How long ago did you have your interview? Did they ever specify why your case has been investigated? Did you ever notice any investigation (surveillance etc...)? And how long ago did you call senator? Have you done your FP for the second time yet? My FP also expires soon... Sorry, so many questions... We trying to figure out how much longer we'll be stuck in this mess...

    Thanks again for you reply.
  5. QCO1

    QCO1 Registered Users (C)

    I had my interview last July in 2004. No I dont recall ever being watched. I did find out who the officer was who was investigating my file and went to him directly. I was told by that officer that you are not suppose to do that but he was still very courteous and explained that there was some confusion about my touring some goverment sites with friends. To which I explained to him that I was visiting chicago and some friends of mine took me to see the Sears tower and other bldgs. That was all that took to get my files released from Atl and finally get transferred to Baltimore. But now I have to wait and see what Baltimore says. My lawyer says that after the second FP Baltimore should just approve my case. Hope that is the case. Godd Luck to you on your case.
  6. ivesti

    ivesti Registered Users (C)

    Similar situation

    Hello to everyone. I would like to share with you my situation and I think this would be a good place to do it since Egoist's and QCO1's cases are similar with mine. I won't give you exact dates for the timeline because I think they are not that important.
    I have been married to my wife(who is the U.S. citizen) for about 3 years and a half. We filed almost imediatelly after the wedding for my adjustment of status and waited about 2 years and 3 months to be called for an interview - in Chicago. At the interview everything seemed to be fine, but the officer who interviewed us said and assured us that everything is fine but she couldn't take a decision at that time because my FBI name/background check hasn't been cleared yet. We had to go home and wait for an answer in the mail.
    More than a year passed and we didn't get any answers from them. Meanwhile I tried to find out what really happened with this name check. I contacted FBI and got a "no record" response along with a letter saying that the results for my background check were forwarded to USCIS before the interview took place. So you decide (maybe in the following lines) if the officer lied to us or it was some misplacement of the name check results.
    After I got the response letter from FBI I went to the local congressman and asked him to help us to contact the USCIS local office. The next day the congressman called me back saying that the officer wants to interview us one more time. In about 3 weeks we received a new interview letter.
    We attended the second interview(in July, this year), this time being interviewed by a different officer who informed us that he was designated by the first officer(who meanwhile was raised to the status of supervisor). He told us plainly that the first officer thought the marriage was a fraud, she simply "didn't buy it,"(remember what she said the first time?) even if we presented our utmost intent for a bona fide marriage. He asked us a few questions and later asked me to leave the room so he could speak with my wife only. After challenging my wife with questions which I can categorize as "advanced psychology," he said that he won't be able to approve the case and the next stop will be in front of a judge.
    We went home and now are waiting for an answer from them. In case you wonder if we were placed under investigation, I can tell you that the officer knew almost everything about us. As an example he knew were my wife parks the car, that our street is a one-way street.
    I hope this story will be helpful to someone and if you have any advice, please post it for all of us :) George
  7. ncgirl

    ncgirl Registered Users (C)

    I am sorry to hear of your ordeal..I do not have any solutions but i just want to let u know I will be praying for you...why do u think u were investigated of the miilions of applicants in this country!!This is sad what happened to you.
  8. QCO1

    QCO1 Registered Users (C)

    Thank You.
  9. Egoist

    Egoist Registered Users (C)

    Thank you ivesti and QCO1... I hope everything will be fine...
  10. QCO1

    QCO1 Registered Users (C)

    Any news? This waiting is a killer. Hope everybody has a good day.


  11. Egoist

    Egoist Registered Users (C)

    No news so far... We are waiting till Oct 15 to make another inquiry througth our senator. Meanwhile we don't think that it will expedite the process... My FP will expire in a few weeks, so we'll be stuck again for a few months...
  12. phila_babu

    phila_babu Registered Users (C)

    Hi all,

    Allow me to chime in. This is my story.
    I got married almost 2 years ago (10.15.2003). My wife is USC. We filed our petition (though our lawyer) in September last year and I had my interview today in Philadelphia.

    We got there 30 minutes before our appointement and we were surprised when we got called in 10 minutes after we checked in with the receptionist.

    The officer did the swearing in and we sat down. He asked us a couple of questions and spent most of the time talking to my wife. He was very professional, polite and I will even say nice guy. We gave him everything he asked for and he kept some copies.

    At the end of the interview, he said everything was fine but he couldn't approve me because my file was pending FBI investigation. he even showed me the remarks.

    He gave me his card and asked me to call him every month to check on the status of my application. I was a bit disappointed but not angry. He said the FBI check could come back in two weeks or 1 year. He was basically telling me to be cool.

    So, we left and I called my lawyer and he asked me to come to his office. I went there and he said to wait a few months to see what happens. He added that the option of suing the INS was available to me (I wonder if anyone outt there has experience witht this).

    I now have to renew my AP and EAD :rolleyes:

    In a way, waiting doesn't bother me. Because had my case been approved today, they would have given me a 2 year GC. But my marriage will be 2 years old in 12 days. So, should I get approve after that, I'll have the normal 10 year GC.

    Also, I have nothing to hide in my backgroung. I am a Canadian citizen (but was born in Africa). I don't know why the background check takes the FBI so long. I have spent 80% of my life in Canada - and I am 40. It should just be a matter of them checking with the RCMP. Then again, who knows how they go about doing it.

    So there you have it. I just hope that things get cleared up soon.

    I have a question for ivesti: Who do I contact at the FBI to find out what is going on with my background check?

  13. QCO1

    QCO1 Registered Users (C)

    Out of the pit into the fire. Today I went down to Baltimore to check the status of my case. I was told that my file is now under investigation in Baltimore. I did my FP on 29th August. Guess the waiting game continues. Good luck to all.


  14. Sumankrdahal

    Sumankrdahal New Member

    Asylum Decison VIA the Mail!!!

    Hello there,
    Actually, i have a story of the asylum decision.I filed the Asylum application on the december of 2004.I was called for the interview and after fifteen days,they asked me to collect the decision.I went there Accordingly to get the decision but they told me that i would get the decision via the MAIL?I have been waiting for the mails for almost 10 months but never got the reply from them.i also tried to call them but they keep me on hold forever.This thing is really bothering me.are they suppose to give a sort of paperwork that i would recieve my decision via the mail?????they simply told me that they would notify me about my case in the mail and gave me no papers.
    With regard to the EAD card,i was approved ,also i have a social security Number now but i m desperately waiting for the decision??????
    Anybody knows what's goin on?????
    Thanking you in Anticipation.

  15. QCO1

    QCO1 Registered Users (C)


    Did u ever try contacting the officer? I tried contacting the officer who conducted our interview and she told me that the file is no longer with her but with a different department. Hope everybody hears good news soon and has a good weekend.


  16. phila_babu

    phila_babu Registered Users (C)

    I haven't contacted him just yet. He said to call him every month to check. Since it's only been 4 days, I'll call him in November.

  17. LW HuS

    LW HuS New Member

    I have the same question as phila_babu for ivesti:

    Who do I contact at the FBI to find out what is going on with my name check? And how long it takes to get response from FBI?

    Name check request of my case was submitted in August 2003 according to INS and it is still pending. Senator's office could not find out any useful answer for me. They ask me to send email to fbinncp@ic.fbi.gov directly. I haven't got any response from FBI since I sent email two months ago.

  18. QCO1

    QCO1 Registered Users (C)

    I sent them an email nearly 2 months ago but still have not heard anything. Has there been any update for anyone. Hope everybody has a good weekend.


  19. cool_lv

    cool_lv Registered Users (C)

    i have the same situation, i got married on aug 2003, and i had my intial interview on 24 aug 2004. immi officer told me , i will mail u decision. now i got a letter for another interview. and it s too much scary, could u plz suggest me something.i m really dying.
  20. goldspot7

    goldspot7 Registered Users (C)

    Could u tell wat happend in the 1st interview!!!? I mean; wat did the officer say at the end of the interview and things like that. And did he say that the background check was pending or did he need more evidence or did he just bluntly say that he would mail the decision later.

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