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cancel spouse visa

Discussion in 'General L Visa and Related Issues' started by lasttiger007, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. lasttiger007

    lasttiger007 New Member

    I'm on a L1 visa here valid till next year.

    I was in US till Feb and went back to India, with my family, as my project got over. I came back to US again in July, alone.

    In the last six months I've had a lot of problems in my married life including black mail and life threats from my wife and her relatives. Any number of counselling has not effected on them and I'm currently in a helpless position. I want to go back to India in the end of the year to solve this issues. I'm not in a position to go now. Meanwhile my wife and her father are planning to come down here to continue harrassing me by getting hold of my wife's and kid's passport . At the moment I do not want my wife to come here and spoil my career here which is already in a mess due to her activities to threaten me.

    Is it possible to cancel my spouse's visa. What are the procedures. Please advise. Can I hold her from coming to US.

    Look forward to your response
  2. JohnThomas82

    JohnThomas82 Registered Users (C)

    Visas for your family are "dependent" on you, so you might be able to revoke their visas. This is a very general comment though and may not help directly in your case.

    You will have to consult an immigration attorney, who may possibly also direct you to a practioner of other laws (such as family acts, etc).

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