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Canadian and current TN status holder planning to get a 2nd job in USA.

Discussion in 'TN Status' started by Jalaine, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Jalaine

    Jalaine New Member

    I am a Canadian working in USA now as a full time Registered Nurse under TN Status. In my previous application, my employer's offer letter stated the start and end date of my employment which totaled exactly 3 years, which CBP granted. I have only worked 1.5 years now.

    I am not under contract with my current employer. I also personally processed and paid for my TN application to enable me to legally work for them. They did not pay a cent for my application, nor with my relocation from Canada, so I am not tied to them in any way. I am planning to quit my job soon as I get a new employer in Texas which I plan on doing some time in fall or winter 2017 (that will be the 2nd year of my current TN status).

    Will I be able to apply for a second TN status for a full time job while I still have a valid TN status with my present employer (will not be quitting yet)? If I got to the border and apply for a new TN status, will CBP question why I quit my job before completing the 3-year status (I am concerned about the part where employer is supposed to "sponsor" a TN worker. It was hardly a sponsorship since they did not spend for the TN application nor the relocation or whatsoever)? Will it affect my future application for a second full time job?

    While I still work in my current job for the next few months, I am looking into finding a part-time job as a nurse for extra income. Can I apply for another TN status for a part time job until I relocate to Texas? This part-time job I will be giving up together with the current job when I do find a new full-time employer in Texas.

    I just don't want to do something that might complicate my future TN application with a better job offer.

    What necessary steps should I take to make my second full time job TN application smoother, and not questionable to the CBP officers?
  2. Hello Mister

    Hello Mister Member

    The key is to be in-status at all times in the US. CBP wont have any issue with granting you a second TN while the first one is still active (assuming you are eligible of course). Once you quit the first job, you can surrender your first TN I-94.

    Just ensure you have a solid application package and you should be fine. Good luck
  3. nelsona

    nelsona Registered Users (C)

    "Surrendering" the first TN when you quit is entirely optional. It simply dies. Surrendering is only needed when on no longer has any legal work status and is leaving the country, surrendering the I-94 to the Cdn officer as proof of this.
  4. TOFU81

    TOFU81 New Member

    Hi @Jalaine, I am also a Canadian nurse and on a TN visa. I'm also trying to acquire a new TN because I was offered a new ICU position in Virginia. I'm planning to apply for a new TN this April. I am kinda anxious, I hope everything works out. Also, let me how your new TN goes, Good luck!
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  5. Jalaine

    Jalaine New Member

    Hi @TOFU81 ! I'm glad to hear from someone who's on the same path.

    Where are you currently working in US? And when is your current TN status expiring? Are you applying by mail or are you going back home and apply at the border (since it's way faster and cheaper).

    I feel you.

    I haven't applied for a new job yet but I have been thinking of moving out of this small town for a more balanced life (including better pay and benefits). Landing a job wouldn't take too much of a time (or so I hope).

    I really hope things go smooth for you. The news for the past days about the specialized canadian nurses under TN status getting denied at the port of entries has got me more anxious for the coming months/years. Although I'm not a specialized nurse but nobody saw that one coming so soon. God knows what other abrupt changes will come in just a matter of months.

    With you getting your new TN starus sooner, I have a feeling you will be approved. I really wish you all the luck.

    If you can, I would appreciate an update from you.

    Fingers crossed for you here.
  6. TOFU81

    TOFU81 New Member

    Hi Jiliane,

    Sorry for the late reply. I'm happy to inform you that my TN status was approved. It only took 15mins and the airport CPB agent asked me to pay $50 and gave me my TN stamp. I was working in Northern IL, just 45 minutes away from Chicago. Now, I'm working in Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. I received a couple of employment offers when I was applying for ICU position but I've decided to move and work for a University Hospital to specialize on Cardiac and Thoracic Intensive Care.

    Nurses are in demand in the US. As long as you have a solid specialty ie: ICU, ER, Tele, Nephro etc and a solid TN package you will be ok. I wish you all the luck and best wishes!
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2017

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