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Can O-3 visa holder keep working remotely for their foreign company?

Discussion in 'General O visa issues' started by visama, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. visama

    visama New Member

    I have obtained an O-1 visa, and my wife is now obtaining the O-3 visa.

    When she told her company about our plans, they wanted to explore options to keep her working for six more months to hand over her responsibilities.

    The company is European, so is the contract, and none of the customers are US.

    My understanding is that an O-3 visa holder is not allowed to work in the US for a US company (so as to not 'steal' jobs from Americans). In this case, it's not a US company or job. My gut tells me this should be fine.

    Has anyone done this? Is there some limit in time that i should be aware of (like .e.g. the 30 day rule)?
  2. sakaton

    sakaton Registered Users (C)


    I don't see why not.

    As long as the pay is in home country currency and the seat of the business in non-US.

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