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Can anybody explaine the full SRC number?

Discussion in 'General I-140 and Related Issues' started by mylvka, May 28, 2002.

  1. mylvka

    mylvka Registered Users (C)

    What does each digit mean?
  2. haymyth

    haymyth Registered Users (C)

    About the number

    The number will have the following format..

    SRC is for the Texas Service Center
    (It is LIN for Nebraska, WAC for CA and EAC for Vermont)
    02 for the fiscal year 2002 (Oct \'01 - Sep\'02)of the INS
    DDD for the working day of the INS starting from Oct 1, 2001.
    5 always there
    XXXX the case number on that day
  3. mylvka

    mylvka Registered Users (C)

    Thank you, haymyth.

  4. mylvka

    mylvka Registered Users (C)

    The last 4 digit XXXX case number

    Is it a serial number (starting from 0001 on any business day assuming they may have up to 9999 cases per day) recorded for any type of cases (e.g. 140, 485, H1-B) INS recorded on that day by the moment when a specific case is recorded? Or is it a serial number only for I-140 application starting Oct. 1, 2001 (if so I can tell how many cases of I-140 have been filed since Oct.1 2001. from mine I can say it cannot be in this way since mine is 1xxx with ND 4/16/2002)?
  5. haymyth

    haymyth Registered Users (C)

    not on case type

    The 4-digit number does not depend on the case type (140, 485 etc.) It is the case number on the day it is received by the INS.
  6. mylvka

    mylvka Registered Users (C)

    Thanks. So many cases applied.

    Mine is nearly 1600 for the last 4 digits. If set the average between 1500 - 1600 cases TSC receives on each day and 250 business days a year, they can receive 375,000 - 400,000 new cases. That\'s a lot. The INS is bureaucratic, if the staff workers are a little lazy, we can imagine and understand why it\'s so slow.
  7. rzz1gv

    rzz1gv Registered Users (C)

    mine is 4xxx

    That just multiplies your math by a factor of 3! Assuming that it is at the high end of the scale it may mean at least doubling of your numbers!

    God save us all!
  8. mylvka

    mylvka Registered Users (C)

    Hope yours is the high end

    Agree. I just made rough guess on my receipt. Also hope most of days TSC only got hundreds or less cases. May God bless all of us.

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