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Birth certificate not available for brother

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by syriano, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. syriano

    syriano Registered Users (C)

    Hi all,

    I am getting ready to sponsor my brother and file I – 130 but he is unable to get a birth certificate right now. Can I use a copy of his passport with the application instead?

  2. BigJoe5

    BigJoe5 Registered Users (C)


    Click the link and select the country of birth to determine how to proceed.
  3. nkm-oct23

    nkm-oct23 Registered Users (C)

    You will need proof that he is indeed your brother. Ideally his birth certificate and your birth certificate, both showing names of (same)parents will be required.
  4. darkside4391

    darkside4391 Registered Users (C)

    just wait for his bc

    you will def need it for other forms like the i485 or i765

    he would also need to bring his bc for his interview
  5. syriano

    syriano Registered Users (C)

    Well he lives in syria and because of the regime's assault on people there all government agencies have shut down where he lives. That is why he's not able to obtain a bc right now and it might be a while before he is able to so can I use a copy of his passport showing the parents names instead?

  6. BigJoe5

    BigJoe5 Registered Users (C)

    Has he thought of seeking refugee status?
  7. syriano

    syriano Registered Users (C)

    Not yet but it's something I need to look into. Would he save any time by taking this route instead of the regular family based route?
  8. BigJoe5

    BigJoe5 Registered Users (C)

    The sibling of a USC can expect to wait around 13 years from the time of filing the I-130 until a visa number becomes available (priority date becomes current). Then the actual visa application processing may begin.

    I don't know how long for a refugee case.

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