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Beware of this Company CEI America...ceiamerica.com

Discussion in 'General I-485 and Related Issues' started by sanjay_agar, Jun 28, 2002.

  1. sanjay_agar

    sanjay_agar Registered Users (C)

    Although this may not be the right forum for this but I think this info will help all of us.

    One of my close friend\'s life was virtually turned upside down by CEI America. This company gave an Offer letter to my friend 2 months back to join a client early July.

    Based on that my friend gave notices to his current apartment, went to cei\'s client location , stayed in a hotel to fix an apartment ,signed lease with apartment mgmt, Fixed Movers to move stuff, got new telephone connection etc.

    Prior to each of these steps he repeatedly got assurances everything was fine from CEI.My friend had got 2 more offers from other companies the same time when CEI gave the offer to my friend.He repeatedly asked CEI whether the deal was 100% finalized with the client.Their mgmt which included their director Lonney, the A/c Manager Bill Herriott gave him 100% assurance that the client had given a guarantee.Since the job profile was good my friend decided to wait for this job.

    The above mentioned Managers were repeatedly asked by my friend for assurances but they gave him a guarantee that there was nothing to worry about.

    My friend trusted these guys & said No to the other companies.

    2 days before his move CEI called my friend & told the client has some mgmt probs. so they don\'t want anyone now.

    My friend is facing 1000\'s of dollars in lease breakage & other costs.

    CEI simply refuses to do anything now saying it has no legal obligations.

    It seems this company CEI America ...which promises the client the world &
    guarantees it\'s future employee of a job with Offer Letters & repeated guarantees by top management over the phone till my friend said No to the other job Offer.......has nothing called Integrity.

    This company has virtually turned my friend\'s life into Hell. We are all trying to help him come out of this massive emotional trauma.

    I wrote this incident here to make us all aware of this backboneless company.

    I hope this will help us all to avoid such companies in future.
  2. vizkid

    vizkid Registered Users (C)

    There are well known companies out there which do the same...

           I have seen my friends get into problems like these ... nothing
    can be done.
  3. sanjay_agar

    sanjay_agar Registered Users (C)

    Yes Rajesh he is a GC holder. That\'s his biggest boon.

    The company sent him a Offer letter around 2 months back.My friend took all his decisions based on the Offer letter & repeated telephonic guarantees by CEI\'s top management every week.

    We understand that due to current market scenarios companies(the not so good ones) may take back offers....but what makes this case different is this company lied to my friend repeatedly for last 2 months that the client has guaranteed to take my friend...which we don\'t think was the case.

    We are all trying our bit to help him in every way.

    I will keep the board updated.
  4. Rajat

    Rajat Registered Users (C)

    No Title


    I wish all the best to your friend. You did the right thing by posting in this forum so that other people will not get into this kind of trap.

  5. ip11

    ip11 Registered Users (C)

    there is no doubt that the company did a bad thing but at the same time, I feel that your friend also took a very wrong step in doing things, which one normally does after joining a client and seeing the situation there. This aspect is even more important when you are going through some middle agencies.
  6. vireshjain

    vireshjain New Member

    They make me sign a parper and not threating me

    This company sent me a paper that said if i do not join them after getting confirmed from client i need to pay them for their liquidation damages. Due to some issues, I am not able to join now. They send me email from their legal department that if i do not join them they are going to file a law suit against me. If someone knows what should I do please let me know. I am not their employee and I think they cannot do anything to me, but I need advise.
  7. aravind741

    aravind741 Registered Users (C)

    my 2 cents is

    that join the company work for a week or so (stay in hotel temporarly) and resign and leave like say due to personal reasons.

    This idea would work if you have not signed to stay with them for minimum duration. say like 3 months or 6 months.
  8. VerySilly

    VerySilly Banned

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  9. avi101

    avi101 Registered Users (C)

    Looks like its a middleman harassing you? Did you tell your employer that your middleman wants such contract to be signed by you? And if you did sign such a contract (thats what it looks like), you should have thought about the consequences beforehand.

    To answer your questions,
    - if you did sign a contract, then they can hold you liable.
    - if you have not signed and the agreement had been verbal, they cant do anything. You can just deny it.

    Everything comes to did you sign a contract or not? It seems so but not clear from your description.

  10. gcrayudu

    gcrayudu Registered Users (C)

    I had bad experiences with this company CEI America and also beware of Burntstand

    I had bad experiences with this company too. The only good thing is it stopped at the early stages and I asked them to do all the arrangements and they took their step back and I said I am sorry I am not interested.

    They are really idiots, Similar is the company Burntstand based out of Waltham, MA

  11. 7thyeardenied

    7thyeardenied Registered Users (C)

    I am yet another casualty of CEI. Inspite of being on a project they got my 7th year extension denied and i had to return to India bearing a huge financial loss. They refused to take any responsibility for delibrately delayed filing for the extension.

    Stay away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. overWait

    overWait Registered Users (C)

    CEI Exp in India

    Well guyz...thanks for the posting....CEI America is nothing but a bunch of Jerks trying to run a so called company by hook or crook....no hook just crook...

    My exp dates back to last quarter of 97. At that time I was fresh from college...very curious to fly to US....they got me there...They interviewed me for more than an hour...so called a call from US to India...I never knew if that call was really from US although I kept asking....

    They offered me the job...a compititive salary...better than what they offered to my other collegues...sent me H1 papers...and asked me to get stamped as soon as possible...preferable within that week itself...also they asked me to pay for the visa fees...with an assurance to refund it back and any other expences once i join them in US...

    Once i had my visa stampped...they started giving similar reasons...that we have delays from client...we are actively working with them...if the client doesn;t decide soon we will fly you on different project...this went on for months...saying this happens all the time...it is very common in America...after couple of months it just turned out they started asking me to change my resume and show 3-4 yrs exp on a technology i never heard of at that time...or I was not interested in...well i never did that...as my masters date shows that i was fresh in market...

    I still have that visa on my passport...but i never got the money back...nor any job...

    I still have all the documents with me...anyone need any assistance...let me know....
  13. yvr2002

    yvr2002 New Member

    CEI also owns h1bjobs.com...STAY AWAY - from another H1B Victim...

    I had the similar experience from this sh***y shop.

    I worked for them for a full year with a huge billing rate and as a H1 holder, me getting Peanuts ($35 for $106 billing rate). as soon as the project wrapped up, so called acct mgr Vijayanand, he is now CEO of h1Bjobs.com, has terminated me on the same Friday that my contract was over. He called me at 10PM PST to let me know about this. He never returns phone calls, never replies emails. He is a piece of s***.

    They haven't even paid my accrued vacation. Since I had to get another H1 immediately (it was in mid 2001 - recession time), I couldn't find much time to fight with them or sue them.

    There are a bunch of ahs in the company. One of the recruiters Sandesh even taken my original experience letter for H1 approval and never returned it back. They have not given me the exp. letter for the period I worked.

    STAY 1000 miles AWAYYYY from CEI America and h1bjobs.com
  14. 7thyeardenied

    7thyeardenied Registered Users (C)

    These losers never return phone calls, voice mails or emails. Thats the only consistent behavior i know about them. BTW they claim to be CMM level 5. Whatta joke...
  15. NorthStar2020

    NorthStar2020 Registered Users (C)

    Tit for tat

    here's what you do. Act like a potential employee and tell them you can bring your own project. Then waste their time. Just like scamming the 419 scammers.
  16. 7thyeardenied

    7thyeardenied Registered Users (C)

    CEI's inhouse lawyers

    CEI america employs inhouse "lawyers" who handle visa matters. They have a "general counsul" and an "assistant general
    counsul" who handle visas. Both of them will not reply to emails or calls. They are part of management games that are
    played on H1B holders. The "general counsul" and his assistant have a history of screwing up peoples visas at the
    behest of the "management". By not hiring outside lawyers CEI America makes H1B holders complete hostages to its
    internal games. And when the $hit starts flying the company will not accept responsibility for things that their
    lawyers (CEI employees) do

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