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Bank account with ITIN number

Discussion in 'Any Topic' started by emirica, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. emirica

    emirica Registered Users (C)

    Was anyone able to open a bank account lately using ITIN number? I am trying to add my spouse to my existing checking account (at Bank of America) and they keep asking me for SSN for him. I told them he has ITIN, but they won’t accept it. Please, we need help.

    This is for getting driver license in NJ where they ask for that stupid “6 point system” on which having the ATM card or bank statement is one of the requirements.
  2. desiladka

    desiladka Registered Users (C)

    Bank Account

    All banks work differently. They all have their own set of rules. Shop around and check with other banks. I am sure you will find some bank which will allow that. My brother's wife has ITIN and she has a joint checking account with my brother in PNC bank. Check them out. They may allow your spouse as well. My broher and his wife had opened their account 2 years back. I guess sometimes they change policies with time.

    Hope this helped.

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