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B2 Visa - Travel Without Return Ticket.

Discussion in 'General B Visa and Related Issues' started by kmallik, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. kmallik

    kmallik Registered Users (C)


    Recently i have sponsered B2 visa to my parents and they got it. I am planning to book one way ticket (i,e from India to USA ). Later after they join with me, May be after 2 or three months, i will book the return (FRO) ticket from USA. So will there be any issues at the immigration for them if they dont have the return ticket ?

  2. darren102

    darren102 Registered Users (C)

    Pretty much the CBP officer will think it is fraud and most likely deny entry if they do not have return tickets.
    Very risky what you are planning, they will think your parents are coming to never leave.
  3. kmallik

    kmallik Registered Users (C)

    Actually I wanted to be flexible retrun dates for them. Is there an alternate way?

    Do they accept open ticket for FRO ?
  4. booz

    booz Registered Users (C)

    dont think its possible

    airlines wont allow u to buy one way tickets for B2. Only thing u can do is to buyan open ticket valid for 4 months or so. hope this helps.
  5. kmallik

    kmallik Registered Users (C)

    You mean. Booking conform ticket for To ( India to USA ) and OPen ticket for FRO ( USA to India ) ? Is it possible like that?
  6. booz

    booz Registered Users (C)

    I think when u book ur ticket in India, its cheaper,,, or send money from here. travel agent usually asks for a copy of the passport incl visa stamp page.
    u can pick the date of journey from india to US and ask them to give u an open ticket. so the return will be valid upto 4 or 6 months...
    during return from US to India, call the airlines and ask them to book the return flight since u have a open return ticket.... unless airlines rules have changed.
    clarify with any travel agent.....

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