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B2 visa for parents - Birth certificate of applicants and sponsors

Discussion in 'B Visa Issues at the Consulate' started by sanguine, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. sanguine

    sanguine Registered Users (C)

    Hello gurus,
    My parents will appear at Mumbai consulate for B2 application. In the list of required documents, the VFS website mentions birth certificate for parents and the US relative.
    I have a birth certificate, but my parents do not. My parents have school leaving certificates (in Gujarati) with date of birth, which I can get translated in English.

    What is a reasonably easy to obtain document if parents do not have the birth certificate? Is it really required given that date of birth, address etc. are already mentioned in the passport?

    My original birth certificate (which is in English) does not have my name, but has parents name. If I sent a notarized copy of the original to them by post, will that suffice?

    Thank you for the inputs,
  2. Triple Citizen

    Triple Citizen Registered Users (C)

    Is this VFS's requirement or the US consulate's? I never needed to provide my BC, or any of my US relatives, for any of the B-2 visas I acquired before I relocatted to Canada. This could be an India specific requirment.

  3. sanguine

    sanguine Registered Users (C)

    Consulate requirement - specific to India

    Hi Mr. Ghori,
    Yes it is a requirement of Mumbai consulate (the birth certificates are required at the time of interview). I paste the contents from VFS guidelines below as I cannot use URLs yet.

    I will greatly appreciate the inputs of people who have been in similar situation (Mumbai consulate, parents birth certificate not available, nonimmigrant child's certificate does not bear his name) about how critical is the BC for B2 visa? There is quite some documentation to prove our parent-child relationship and DOB.


    Additional Supporting Documents required at the time of interview
    Copy of interview appointment letter and DS160 Confirmation Barcode page , valid HDFC bank fee receipt (Consulate Copy) and All Original Passports.
    Birth certificate and, if applicable, parents' valid visas (for children's applications)
    Applicants applying for the Business Visa, working for a shipping company or airlines, need to submit a company letter in original.
    If you are visiting a relative, carry photocopies of the relative’s proof of status e.g. Green Card, naturalization certificate, valid visa etc.
    If your are employed, carry a letter from employer detailing your position, salary, how long you have been employed with the company; the period of authorized vacation; and the purpose of your U.S. trip.
    Business travelers need to produce proof that the Company will finance the trip. If the company is new or unknown it is helpful to carry tax records of the firm for the last 3 years.
    It is also helpful to carry evidence of how the trip will be financed along with letters of deputation, invitation or sponsorship.
    A tourist may show evidence of financial resources through bank statements and tax returns for the past 3 years.
    Dependents joining their spouse on-board ship need to carry their original marriage certificate and entire wedding photo album along with the spouse’s visa copy.
    For parents visiting a child resident in the U.S :
    If child is an Indian citizen.
    Childs’s original birth certificate.
    Photocopy of all pages of child’s passport.
    Where the U.S. visa of child has expired, photocopy of the renewed petition required.
    Where child is a legal permanent resident in USA, photocopy of the green card (front and back) is required.
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  4. Triple Citizen

    Triple Citizen Registered Users (C)

    The way I read it, this is only needed when minors are applying for visit visas.

  5. jc8018

    jc8018 Registered Users (C)

    My mother went to Chennai consulate a week ago. She did not carry her birth certificate at all. Document above says it is only for kids.
  6. nkm-oct23

    nkm-oct23 Registered Users (C)

    Another example of poorly worded instructions from Indian government.
  7. Triple Citizen

    Triple Citizen Registered Users (C)

    Indian government? Where do they come in this scenario?

  8. hazelickes

    hazelickes Registered Users (C)

  9. sanguine

    sanguine Registered Users (C)

    Parents don't need their Birth Certificate

    Thanks for the clarification, I am relieved that they don't have to run around for this!

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