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B2 Visa extension for parents

Discussion in 'General B Visa and Related Issues' started by arun2681, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. arun2681

    arun2681 Registered Users (C)

    Dear experts,

    My parents-in-laws came from India to the US on Aug 22, 2017 for a 6 month visit on B2 visa. They are scheduled to return back on Feb 15th, 2018. We would like to extend their stay by 1.5 - 2 months to April 10th or 15th. They have a 10-year return B2 Visa through 2024, and have their I-94 stamped through Feb 15th and confirmed returned flights also on Feb 15.

    Could you please let me know all the documentation and USCIS forms required for the extension request.
    Also, do we need to extend their airline tickets and then apply for renewal.

    Thanks & Regards,
  2. Pierre82

    Pierre82 Well-Known Member

    If you want to extend your stay in the United States, you must file a request with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on the Form I-539, Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status before your authorized stay expires. If you remain in the United States longer than authorized, you may be barred from returning and/or you may be removed (deported) from the United States. Check the date in the lower right-hand corner of your Form I-94, Arrival-Departure Record, to determine the date your authorized stay expires. We recommend that you apply to extend your stay at least 45 days before your authorized stay expires.

    Please see more details on this website https://www.uscis.gov/visit-united-states/extend-your-stay
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  3. arun2681

    arun2681 Registered Users (C)

    Thanks for your reply. I reviewed the I-539 form & instructions and form M-752, that has specific instructions for B2 visa renewals and got the information I needed.
    Could you please assist with a follow-up question - My parents-in-law first entered to US in Dec 2014. Their passport has expired since last visit and they entered the US in Aug 2017 using the new passport. So, their B2 visa that expires in 2024, is in the old passport. The entry stamp from Aug 2017 visit is in the new passport. When we retrieved the I-94 from the USCIS website, it was under the expired passport. Should we fill the information of old or new passport in the relevant section of I-539 form. They will enclose copies of old and new passports with the application.
  4. Pierre82

    Pierre82 Well-Known Member

    I recommend you add info of the new (valid) passport and just add a copy of the old one, since the only important info of the old one is the valid B2 Visa.
  5. arun2681

    arun2681 Registered Users (C)

    Okay Thanks,

    A couple more questions -

    1. Along with the I-539 application,
    a. Should I extend their tickets and include copy of confirmed ticket (this would obviously include the cost of changing flight date) or
    b. copy of new travel itinerary would be convincing enough.

    2. Secondly, I looked up the I-539 processing times on the USCIS Vermont processing center. It has been updated as per Sep 30. The processing time says March 13. Does this mean it is taking about 200 days or 7 months to renew B2 visa extensions ? CA processing center shows July 1, which is 3 months using the same calculation. We are based in Georgia. How do we know which processing center is assigned to us?

  6. Pierre82

    Pierre82 Well-Known Member

    Hi @arun2681 ,

    I was not able to paste the information but read this link in order to get an answer for your first group of questions https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/files/form/m-752.pdf

    Below is the address you need to send it over and in terms of processing it depends on the service center workload. USCIS suggests to file 45 days
    before your stay expires. I´m also adding this link with additional info https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/USCIS/Resources/C1en.pdf

    USCIS Dallas Lockbox

    For U.S. Postal Service (USPS):

    P.O. Box 660166
    Dallas, TX 75266

    For FedEx, UPS, and DHL deliveries:

    ATTN: I-539
    2501 S. State Highway 121 Business
    Suite 400
    Lewisville, TX 75067
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  7. arun2681

    arun2681 Registered Users (C)


    Happy New Year. It has been about 1.5 months since we applied for my parents-in-law extension. We received the receipt notice on Nov 20, 2017. The VSC processing times as of Oct 31 for 'all other applications' under form I-539 shows March 27, 2017 - a 6 month wait time on the decision. If this were to apply to our case, it would be approved in May 2017, 2-2.5 months after their current visa expiry date of 2/21/2018. This category probably contains multiple visa types.

    Based on the current trends, what are the chances of approvals before 2/21/2018.
    Could anyone please share their experience of successful extension in 2 months time-frame.

  8. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    There is no guarantee the application will be approved.
    I have no personal insight but another forum which is more active seems to show these requests often only get decided after the initial approved length of stay is expired. And they are not always approved.
  9. 1AurCitizen

    1AurCitizen Registered Users (C)

    Based on the i539 filing date, odds of adjudication before i94 expiration are about zero.
    As noted above, approval is never guaranteed. A hypothetical denial, followed by an overstay, could put the B2 at risk.
    In the current environment, all visas\COSs are under increased scrutiny.
  10. arun2681

    arun2681 Registered Users (C)

    Thanks for your reply. Could you please provide me with the link the other forum. I would like to see experiences of folks in a similar boat. Thanks.
  11. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    there's a few discussions on the site visajourney, you can search it for the relevant threads

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