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Australia Vs Canada Immigration

Discussion in 'Australia - Visiting, Living in, Moving to or Movi' started by srini88, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. srini88

    srini88 Registered Users (C)


    I was trying to compare these two countries in terms of
    1)job opportunities
    2)salary levels
    3) cost of living, housing etc
    4) taxes
    5) health benefits (Which country is more comprehensive?).

    I did some research but would love to hear from members who have lived in both countries or know of the pros and cons of both.

    I guess weather wise Australia has much more warmer and moderate climate but the tax brackets seem to to be higher.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  2. manwithnoname

    manwithnoname Registered Users (C)

    1. Similar in software. But Canada has an edge if applying from the U.S.
    2. Depends on the nature of the job.
    3. Food is cheaper in Australia, home prices are compareable
    4. Tax: GST + PST is 15% on all items in Canada and Income tax can go upto 36%, in Australia the sales tax (GST) is 10%.
    5. Canada's health is free but waiting times are long.

    Weather in Australia is moderate. Public transport facilities are better in Australia. Canada's economy depends on the U.S. Bottomline is if one intends to move to the U.S. at a later stage, Canada maybe the choice otherwise Australia has the edge.
  3. srini88

    srini88 Registered Users (C)

    Use this site it will give you a starting point

    Using Lawyers is a personal question it depends on how comfortable you feel with the process. Some have used lawyers and some have not

    use the points test on the site and plug in your relevant work experience that will get you started
  4. bonanzabucks

    bonanzabucks New Member

    Never lived in Australia, but used to live in Canada. Info is based on what I have heard about OZ.

    1)job opportunities -- Canada's economy depends a lot on trade to the US and natural resources and jobs are mostly clustered around specific sectors and cities. Another thing I hear -- Canada is better for blue-collar jobs, but OZ is better for white-collar work. This was from an Australian girl who recently moved to Canada.

    2)salary levels -- Probably about the same. I hear white-collar jobs pay more in Australia, whereas blue-collar wages are higher in Canada.

    3) cost of living, housing etc -- I hear it's about the same, maybe a little cheaper in OZ

    4) taxes -- Depends on where you live in Canada. Alberta has no sales tax and a flat provincial tax rate. Quebec and the Atlantic provinces have brutal income and provincial sales taxes. I hear income taxes are about the same, maybe a tad lower in OZ.

    5) health benefits (Which country is more comprehensive?) -- Canada’s healthcare system is almost 100% public. It’s not “free”, as the government touts it to be. Depending on what province you live in, you have to pay additional premiums. The waiting times are very long, quality of service is declining and there are bad doctor shortages (self-afflicted, really). Can’t comment on OZ’s system, but I hear it’s a mix of public and private insurers. I’ve heard waiting times for some procedures are not so bad.

    I’m actually looking to move to Australia in a few years time, which is why this thread interests me. I live in the States now and am a US and Canadian citizen. I love living in the US, but would love to try OZ. Never heard a bad thing about the place and the weather is splendid.
  5. Appeal Master

    Appeal Master New Member

    Hello ! i got refused from aus recently main footing of the refusal was immigration authorities couldn't verified my experience when they called ma employers what should i do ..
  6. yogkc

    yogkc Registered Users (C)

    >>> following links give you all the info

    feel free to email me if you need information.
  7. asadhussey

    asadhussey New Member

    am I eligible for Australian Skilled Immigration

    I am Asad .

    I am 28 years old

    I have done Bachelors in computer science and I have 16 years education

    I have 3 years Experience working as software engineer

    from July 1st 2008 to 30th November 2008 = 5 months as software engineer

    from March 2009 to January 2012 =2years 11 months as software engineer

    but from last 6 months I am not doing jobs as I am involve in some private contracts

    I have done IELTS Academic and I have 6.0 band ,

    so am I eligible to apply for skilled immigration for Australia or not ,
    I have done IELTS Academic , am I eligible to apply with IELTS Academic or I have to do IELTS General again

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