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Atlanta Citizenship interview does not approve becuase of selective service

Discussion in 'Archives' started by tta, May 29, 2002.

  1. tta

    tta New Member

    My husband went to the local INS in Atlanta for his citizenship interview. Everything went OK except that he didn\'t register for the selective service. Due to this reason, his case was not approved. He was asked to go to post office to get the selective service form and register it ASAP and them send INS (atlanta office) the status letter as soon as he received it so that he can be scheduled for another interview. Anyone has the same experience, please share it with us. Does anyone know how much longer this situition will delay our case. Please help. Thanks!!
  2. tta

    tta New Member

    No Title

    My husband got his green card when he was 26 years old plus about 3 months. That\'s why he thought he doesn\'t need to register for the selective service. However, when he went to the citizenship interview today, he was deny due to this reason. Any help ?
  3. wling

    wling Registered Users (C)

    No Title

    Thanks so much for your help, JoeF. This is so unfair. My husband really don\'t need to register for selective service beucase when he got his green card, he already passed his 26 years old birthday. That\'s is why he didn\'t register.

    If he is required to get this "Status Information" letter for a prrof that he was not required to register for selective service by law before he go to the interview, INS should have let us know clearly up front, not during the interview process. Do you agree with me ? My husband has fully prepared for everything. It\'s not easy to wait for your interview date in Atlanta, now we don\'t how much longer we have to wait for the 2nd interview.
  4. sanj02

    sanj02 Registered Users (C)


    Please advise what type of questions were asked from your husband other than going thru the 10 question Civic test ?

  5. TK1

    TK1 Registered Users (C)


    Hi tta,

    Would you mind posting your husband\'s priority and finger print dates?
    I will really appreciate it.

  6. jian mao

    jian mao Registered Users (C)

    After selective service

    Well, I am glad that I can shed some lights here. My husband had interview in Sept. 2000, was asked to provide a letter from selective service. He did and received the letter one month later, then mailed to the officer who interviewed him. At interview, the office told him it would only take a couple of months after he received the letter. Well, we didn\'t hear anything until April when we finally felt we had to something about it. We wrote a letter to our congressman, a week later we heard that his citizenship was approved but actual swear-in would be scheduled in six months. Fortunately, we received the swear-in notice shortly after, my husband became a US citizen in May.
  7. mingwen

    mingwen Registered Users (C)

    I was failure to register but I passed interview yesterday

    Hi,I like to share my experience.In 1999 year,when I applied federal loan in university.They refuesd my application because I didn\'t register selective service.At that time I sent a letter to Selective service to make sure I status.Since I knew if do not register,do not get federal loan,federal jobs,especially,can not become America\'s citizen.Iwas looking for a lawyer and they dealt me to connect the selective service since 1999 to 2002.every year to sent a letter.I hired a lawyer we were together to come immigration office to interview.The immigration officer believe in my reasons why I didn\'t register,and passed my interview say congratulation.In your case I think you faied to register because the law is every one 18--25 year old(legal and illegal) in the US,must be register.if you don\'t,can extend 27 year old.I recommed that you have to look for a lawyer to second time to interview.it\'s important for you to reinterview.If you do not have good reason,It be denied.I hope you good lucky to pass the second time interview Mingwen
  8. tta

    tta New Member

    No Title

    Thanks a lot for everyone who have took times to response to my message.

    My husband has sent all the documents Selective SErvice needed to proof he was actaully passed 26 years old at the time he got his green card and therefore don\'t need to register for selective service. We hope to get the "Status Information Letter" from them soon. Then we\'ll mail the letter to the local INS in atlanta and hope they will scheduled us for the 2nd interview soon. After reading all the responses, I actaully feel more worry and not sure if we need to hire a lawyer and bring him to the second interview.

    Any advice would be appreciate. Thanks!
  9. tta

    tta New Member

    No Title

    Jian Mao,

    Did you go through the interview in Atlanta\'s INS? Can you let me know which congressman you contacted and how did you write the letter to ask him to help you in your case ?

    I am just worry we might have to do the same thing you did too. Thanks!
  10. jian mao

    jian mao Registered Users (C)

    Ask help from your congressman

    Sorry for not replying earlier, I was out of town last week. I actually wrote three letters, one to Senator Cleveland, one to the late senator Coverwell, and one to our district congressman Jonny Ackenson (Dist. 6). Never heard anything back from the senators, but received a letter from the congressman one week after. I don\'t know which district you belong to, you need to write to your congressman. Before you decide to write a letter, make sure you have a case. The congressman won\'t take your case unless you have a good reason and being asked for providing additional information such as a letter from selective service is not a good reason. Our case was based on a long overdue process. The N-400 had been pending over two years which exceeded the timeline INS indicated on the N-400 receipt.
    Good luck.
  11. desikuda

    desikuda Registered Users (C)


    I also send them the same PDF form with all the document, How long did it take four letter to comein. I am still waiting for mine.
  12. IMMIG2002

    IMMIG2002 Registered Users (C)

    You are right JoeF


    JoeF is absolutely right. I ran into the same thing when it was time for me to file my N-400. I actually had a lawyer (a very good one, and expensive to) working on it. He missed this point for some reason….hmm… figures. Anyways, I got my GC approval two months exactly after my 26th birthday. So I filled out the PDF for the selective services and mailed it along with copies of my passport and an explanation letter of my status why I did not need to register. They mentioned that it takes more than a month to reply to it with their decision, but I got the letter in less than two weeks!!! And it basically indicated that I am not required to register and to make as many copies of this paper as I need for other agancies. So I did and I filed the N400 with no worries. Now I am scheduled for my interview in May. As you said JeoF...very painless operation. And if you thoroughly read the N400 application, they do mention to include a letter from the Selective Services.
     Good luck
  13. James Brown

    James Brown Registered Users (C)

    No Title

    Hello, Will you please let us know what explanation you gave for not registering? Thanks.
  14. IMMIG2002

    IMMIG2002 Registered Users (C)


    My explanation was both legitimate and valid.

    When I got married I had an F1 visa. So when we applied for my immigration all that time I had no idea what Selective Services was. My status during that time was neither F1 nor GC. So during this grace period I had my 27th birthday which got me out of the obligation. I explained all that to them and they simply understood and sent me the notice.
  15. sam sar

    sam sar Registered Users (C)

    selective service

    i would appreciate if u tell me what happens with your husband, since i am facing the same problem, and my 1st interview is coming up soon
  16. sam sar

    sam sar Registered Users (C)

    california service center, n-400 fingerprinting

    does anyone know how long after u apply for citizenship ypu shpuld receive fingerprinting appointment, it has been about 120 days for me and no app.yet , please advise if u know??? thanks
  17. IMMIG2002

    IMMIG2002 Registered Users (C)

    Wrong descussion

    You should post your question in a new thread if you want people to see it as a new topic and thus get more responses. :)

    Anyway, I got my FP 5 months after filing my N400, but my service center is Nebraska (NSC). I did call Nebraska (which was a major project since their ONE line is ALWAYS busy) and they told me that I am in the queue and should expect my FPing notice within two months, which came in three months after.

    However, surprisingly I was scheduled for my interview three months after my FP was done. So if everything goes well, the whole process will take me just under than a year including the oath ceremony!
  18. SanjayH

    SanjayH Registered Users (C)


    Can you pls post the documents you have to take along with you as per the Interview letter ?

  19. IMMIG2002

    IMMIG2002 Registered Users (C)

    Documents to take

    Based on your case you will be notified of what you need to bring with you to the interview. Here are common things they might ask you to bring along:

    1. Proof of employment (recent pay stub)
    2. Income tax returns for last 3 years
    3. Marriage certificate
    4. Proof of residency (your current residency - utility bills)
    5. Marriage Certificate (for people applying based on marriage)
    6. Birth Certificate (for my US citizen spouse)
    7. Originals of copies for documents you submitted with the n400 application (Ex: Selective Services letter)...
    I was asked to bring in 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7.

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